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If you’re like many of our customers, you’re seeking a more natural way to care for your pets with holistic pet supplements. You may be looking for natural pain relief for dogs, cats and horses, or perhaps an herbal remedy for pet yeast infections.  We encourage you to browse our selection of holistic pet supplements & read feedback from pet owners and our holistic veterinarian partners. Join hundreds of thousands of pet owners that have found our natural remedies for dog allergies, skin issues, digestion woes, occasional joint stiffness, and immune enhancers that are extremely beneficial for their furbabies.

Glacier Peak Holistics has been committed to animal health and wellness for over two decades. We create natural remedies for dogs, cats and horses to give your pet a better quality of life without compromise. Our natural herbal formulas are made with 100% organic herbs, always in small batches in our warehouse to ensure quality. We offer only the best for your animals and work with many holistic veterinarians around the US. Give us a call or send us an email to speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants about how we may be able to help your pet feel their very best.

Glacier Peak Holistics offers our Comfort Care System that includes Inflapotion and HerbAprin. Both contain herbs that have been used throughout history for pain, swelling and stiffness. This System also includes our triple antibiotic Mountain Salve for external skin issues, minor wound care and scar reduction. We have run over 40,000 Life Stress Scans and repeatedly show amazing results for dogs and cats with allergy type symptoms. Unlike traditional scientific allergy tests, we use Biofeedback to scan for stressors that cause allergy type symptoms. Some folks have just changed the food, but most have followed up with suggestions for herbal formulations that can help get your pet back into balance. Daily Defense helps keep them healthy with herbs that are known for having the nutritional values that your animal needs everyday. We also add herbs for gentle daily detoxification and immune modulation.

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