As pet parents, we're faced with many  decisions. One of the most difficult things is  understanding "what can I give my dog for  pain". We definitely don't want them to suffer,  but we know from our own experience with  modern medicine that the long-term side effects  of pharmaceutical drugs can cause serious and  irreversible harm. Traditional veterinary pain  relievers like Rimadyl and Metacam have been  shown to cause bleeding ulcers and organ  damage in dogs. Similarly, it is well accepted in the equine veterinary community that Phenylbutazone, or "Bute" should only be given for short periods to avoid damage to the horse's kidneys and sensitive digestive tracts. Our feline friends face the additional challenge of having very few options for pain relief, as most NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are unsafe for cats at any dosage.

Whether the pain is acute, perhaps from an injury or following surgery, or chronic as with arthritis in dogs, hip dysplasia, or other degenerative conditions, when our pets are in pain, we suffer right along with them. Even puppies can suffer from "growing pains" making their bones and connective tissues painful and inflamed. The last thing we want to worry about is if the pain relief we are providing them is causing long-term damage or decreasing their longevity.

As more information regarding the ever increasing dangers of modern pharmaceuticals is revealed, more pet parents are looking for other options for pain relief for dogs, cats, and horses. Fortunately, alternatives to traditional veterinary medicine are readily available as are integrative veterinarians. These ancient remedies are just as valuable today and can provide powerful pain relief without dangerous side effects. The answer lies with herbs. We encourage you to seek out a holistic veterinarian if you feel your pet is in pain. You can find one in your area here: Professional Practices or

HerbApirin is the ideal companion to Inflapotion™, providing effective pain relief in conjunction with mild sedatives so your pet can comfortably rest, sleep, and heal. (However, it does contain some herbs that are not compatible with pregnant animals and it is not suitable for cats.) Used together, these formulas are the perfect duo to help your dog or horse recover from injury or find pain relief from chronic, age-associated aches and pains.

For our feline friends, who are so stoic in hiding their pain, hope is not lost for an alternative to pharmaceutical pain management. While Inflapotion™ is great for cats with issues like arthritis, Deb is currently researching and developing an herbal formula with herbs known to support effective pain relief for them as well.