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Glacier Peak Gold - herbal support for dog yeast infection

First Aid Kit Bundle


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We have two first aid kits for you to choose from.
We have one for the home and one for when you are on the go.
The products in this kit will sell retail for $103.70. However we offer a 20% discount for purchasing in our First Aid kit, bringing the price to $82.
The products in this kit will sell retail for $140.70. However, we offer a 20% discount for purchasing in our Home First Aid kit, bringing the price to $112.

Why you need these for your pet's first aid kit

  • Inflapotion  - Support for inflammation 
  • HerbAprin  - Support for discomfort
  • Colloidal Silver Spray - Natural antibiotic 
  • Mountain Salve - Triple protection wound care
  • Bach Rescue Remedy - Emotional support for stress
  • Inflapotion Oil - External inflammation support 

HerbAprin contains herbs traditionally used to help dogs and horses relax, sleep and heal.  It also contains herbs known to be mild sedatives so your pet can rest more comfortably.

  • Herbaprin is NOT intended for cats.


Inflapotion™ is a 100% organic herbal remedy that contains herbs traditionally used to relieve everyday aches and pain. Inflapotion™ has provided relief very quickly when used as directed.

  • General age-related stiffness and discomfort
  • Large breed puppy "growing pains"
  • Minor Injuries Overexertion commonly associated with working dogs 
  • Stiffness in aging or injured cats
  • Hospice Care



Mountain Salve includes the 100% organic herbal blend we use in Inflapotion™, plus antibiotic and antifungal herbs blended with essential oils selected for their healing properties and purity.

Great for:

  • General wound care
  • Hot spots
  • Itchy, scratchy tummies
  • Girth fungus
  • Scratches
  • and so much more


Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic and anti-fungal. It is also effective in removing impurities in water. These natural properties make this an ideal treatment for skin irritations and superficial injuries as well as internally for minor infection.


Gently misting your pets mouth and feet can eliminate germs both inside and out. You can also spray into water and on food. Lightly mist your pet's skin to help heal abrasions, superficial cuts, allergic reactions and hot spots.



Inflapotion™ Oil is a new form of our famous powder and tincture herbal remedy that contains organic herbs traditionally used to relieve swelling everyday aches and pains. The Inflapotion™ Oil is designed to be used externally only and may provide relief very quickly when used as directed.

Once applied to the intended external area, your pet may really enjoy the gentle massage you use to work the oil into the skin, however, that part is optional. You may want to use a surgical type glove to keep the oil from penetrating your skin too.

New Inflapotion Oil!

  • General age-related aches and discomfort similar to arthritis
  • Joint pain and swelling
  • Minor Injuries
  • Sore muscles commonly associated with working dogs and performance horses



Rescue Remedy is the most famous of Dr. Bach's products, and is actually a blend of five individual flower remedies. Each flower essence targets a specific stress induced issue, allowing a calming influence to restore focus and manageability.
Often stress will cause behavioral issues in our pets that are just plain hard to deal with. They can become irrational and even dangerous when in this state, either hurting themselves or their handler. The Rescue Remedy is easy to use by putting two drops in the palm of your hand and then allowing your pet to inhale the fragrance for several minutes. You can also pre-dose by adding two drops to their food or water before a vet visit or a trip to the groomer or a show. Rescue Remedy for dogs has been a popular stress relief for many 4 legged friends.