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Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan

Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan


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Energetic Analysis using Biofeedback Technology

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A road map to your cat or dogs wellness. This scan is not a traditional dog allergy testing kit. Unlike traditional pet allergy testing, the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan uses Biofeedback Technology with hair and saliva samples. We use these samples to measure food and environmental factors that an animal may have been exposed to.  Our ultimate goal is to show you how removing or reducing incompatible items can help improve allergy type symptoms. The Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan is so much more than a dog allergy test kit, as it can identify energetic imbalances based on over 300 food and environmental factors.

Many people ask us “what can I give my dog for allergies?” and they invest in cat or dog allergy medicine or expensive specialty or raw dog food, without ever truly understanding the cause of symptoms. Many people are looking for natural remedies for dog allergies and don’t realize it may be as easy as changing the food or environment of your pet.

A phone consultation is included in the cost of the kit, and a member of our team will happily go through the results with you, answer your questions, and help you create a custom plan to bring your pet back into balance.

Please Note:  Expedited scans take up to 3 Business Days and Standard scans up to 14 business days from the date we receive samples.  Results are sent via email, so a clear email address must be provided.  We highly recommend adding our email address results@glacierpeakholistics.com to your contacts, so that it doesn't land in your Spam box. Thank you for your understanding.

Please click here to read customer testimonials about our Life Stress Scan.

If you have questions, we encourage you to contact us. Glacier Peak Holistics is a team of animal lovers committed to customer satisfaction. In almost a decade, we have run over 40,000 Life Stress scans through our dedicated department, changing the lives of so many people and their pets. We also work closely with many holistic veterinary practices across the country. We encourage you to let Glacier Peak Holistics Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan be your first option rather than your last resort.

What's included in the Kit:

  • Information Sheet & Legal Disclaimer (must be SIGNED & accompany samples)
  • 3 Organic Cotton Swabs
  • Plastic Zip Bag (To place the hair and saliva samples inside)
  • Return box 
  • Pre-Paid Return Shipping (for customers within the United States )

Recommended for pets over 6 months of age.

We understand that your pet may be experiencing extreme symptoms, so we do our best to get the results to you as quickly as possible. However, we cannot process your kit without a signed copy of the paperwork. 

Please CLICK HERE to go to our FAQ Page for the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan. 

* Also available for Horses and Cats!

** This is NOT traditional dog allergy testing done in a medical laboratory. It is a non-invasive analysis that can detect factors contributing to dog allergy symptoms. It is not meant to be a substitute for traditional dog allergy testing with blood samples.

Customer Reviews

Based on 411 reviews
Kim Roberts

Organized and easy to look at and understand

Hi Kim, thank you for your review! We are glad you found the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan organized and easy to understand. A friendly reminder we do offer free consultations to review and discuss your pets results if you did have any questions regarding your pets results! Feel free to give us a call at 406-270-7417 to schedule!

Gave us answers when the vet couldn't!!!

I was dealing with 6 months of ear infections, eye infections, skin lesions you name it! My vet just kept putting her on more and more meds. The allergy test they offered was only for environment, not food and was over $600! I found this test and figured it was worth a shot. Easy to use and once we found out the foods and things she was intolerant to we removed them and she cleared right up! No meds or vet visits needed. Now she is a happy itch free dog! I recommend this product constantly to pet owners!

Hi Anna,

Wow!! What an amazing testimony, we truly appreciate your review! We are thrilled to hear how the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan was able to turn your pets life around for the better. Thank you again for this amazing review.

Lisa Gille

Didn't receive results quite yet.

Hi Lisa,

I see that we received Marlee's samples in the mail a few days ago and we are working on her results! The results will be emailed to you as soon as they are ready. Stay tuned! We look forwarding to helping you and your pet.

Tammy Blankenship
Fast and Efficient Results

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I now understand why my pet is itching so much! Thank you for all you have done to help.

Hi Tammy,

Thank you so much for your review and feedback. We are glad to have been able to help you and your pet!

Michelle Mestas
Best $129 I’ve ever spent!!

My 10 year old Cairn Terrier has been on a variety of diets her whole life. She loves food and she’s eaten everything rom raw to kibble to home cooked. She suddenly was eating her food like it was poisonous…every bite was disgusting to her. Then she started having bumps across her back, her paws were red and swollen, and her ears started bugging her too! She was so inflamed that taking her for a walk caused her to itch. This all happened in a slow process from December to May. We didn’t know where to start. The vet recommended Cytopoint shot which we went ahead with in February but it only temporarily took away the itchies. I’m so thankful for the sales clerk at my local Pet Supply for telling me about this test. Took the very simple test, sent it in. Got the results back in 2 weeks and I immediately started researching on what to change her diet too. Within 3 weeks she was almost brand new again by removing all of her stressors. It’s been 5 weeks now and she’s feeling and looking back to her beautiful terrier self!! Thank you so much!!!

Hi Michelle, this is so wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It makes us happy to hear when pets are able to start feeling themselves again. Thanks again!