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Glacier Peak Holistics

Custom Bach Flower Solution

Custom Bach Flower Solution

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Something frequently overlooked as being non-treatable is emotional and/or behavioral issues. They are chalked up to the result of past or present traumas or unknown sources and thought to be just part of the package. This is where our custom Bach Flower remedy shines! 

Great for emotional support for horses, dogs, cats... and YOU!

Bach Flower remedies have been restoring emotional balance for over 70 years. Glacier Peak Holistics will customize a Bach flower remedy specifically for your pet's emotional imbalances.

Sometimes we know what's bothering our pets, however, some things happen to them that we know nothing about. They can internalize events that were never meant to harm them. Our domestic pets also internalize what we, as their caretakers, are going through. So don't be afraid to dose yourself with your pet's remedy. You'll both feel better, FAST.

Customized Bach Flower remedy especially for your pet. Customized Bach Flower remedies can help your pet move through emotional blocks that are keeping them from being their best. With your initial order, you'll receive a test kit that includes a biohazard bag with 3 organic cotton swabs to collect animal's saliva. You will need to send in your own hair sample by cutting off a small portion of hair. If you are testing a horse, you need only pull a few tail hairs and place them in the bag with the saliva saturated swabs. You simply mail them back to us in the enclosed self addressed envelope and we do the rest. 


What you get after your customized Bach flower test is completed:

  • One - 1 oz bottle of a combination of specific Bach Flower essences (usually 5-7 different flower essences) chosen exclusively for your animal. 
  • One - 2 oz spray bottle for dosing your pet (comes pre-mixed for the beginning applications)
  • Complete instructions on how and when to dose and how to mix more spray.
  • Complete report on test results are included with your customized remedy.

Once you have used the initial remedy above, you can purchase a refill just once as the initial issues should be on their way out.

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