Newsletter August 2018


Summertime is just memories waiting to happen!

August Newsletter 2018

Hello and Happy August!  (It’s my favorite month)

Big News!  We are finally getting a warehouse of our very own.  The crew started building on to our existing GPH office spaces last month and WOW… it’s going to be so wonderful to have the whole team under one roof again.  We have outgrown both places we’ve been thanks to you, our wonderful customers and friends.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We never forget why we do what we do and the reviews and testimonials we get daily tell us to keep it up.

This week is International Assistance Dog Week and on August 26th we have National Dog Day… we think every day is dog day, but Okay, we’re in.  Krieger and Ellia get an extra office treat on that day.  They do work pretty hard keeping the team inspired.  Such good dogs!

This month we are focusing on gut health with our Probio~ Complete and Paw~Gest digestive enzymes.  Remember, any supplement is only as good as your pet's ability to assimilate it.  We are offering a special this month, so you can give your pet the best shot at a healthy intestinal system.  Good health always starts right there.

In the retail spotlight we are featuring Wellness Pet Supplies.  We are honored to have our products in this quaint store in Ashland, OR.  Owner Billie Jo Vinson is an herbalist and has over 14 1/2 years behind her in the pet industry.  If you happen to be in the Ashland, OR area, I hope you make it a point to stop in and say hello.

We wish you a very happy and healthy end of summer 2018 and look forward to some cooler weather soon.
Thanks for being here and stay cool!

Chow for Now ~

Debe, Krieger & Ellia

August Special



Remember healing is an inside job.
 Lifelong health begins in their gut.

Paw~Gest is specially
formulated to address the specific needs of your cats and dogs.

What Our Customer's Are Saying
One of the best parts of our day at Glacier Peak Holistics is reading the product reviews we get in on a daily basis from our customers.  Here are just a few that just came in recently:

My Mom's Limping Cat
"...isn't limping anymore.  Thanks Glacier Peak Holistics."  
Ryan on Inflapotion powder for cats

Grateful For This Service
"These test results have saved the lives of my three dogs and countless training client's dogs. We will use this testing in the future as many times as needed.  So grateful it is available to us."
Patricia S Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan

Love You Guys!
"I’ve purchased from you before years ago and am still impressed with your products. With the amount of medications Rico takes at times, I prefer the natural, holistic approach when possible. Your company sells a wide variety of products that do the trick. I am also always happy with your customer service. Friendly and informative with suggestions that are helpful. Thanks again for being there."
-Jeff C. GPH Products

Excellent Product
"My local pet store owner and dog trainer after 1.5yrs of telling me about this got me to start using this product on my 12.5 yr old lab.  My lab has arthritis and old hips and after three weeks of using this product I noticed considerable changes. Stairs are not a thought anymore for him. He can take himself walking around our property with less laying down.  He can even play and spar with other dogs now.  For the first time in 2 years he jumped into my car.  I would recommend this to anyone."
-Michael L. on HerbAprin

Mountain Salve
"Mountain Salve works so well. And fast! Great product. I will definitely buy it again."
-Sheryl M on Mountain Salve

Retail Store Spotlight

Wellness Pet Supplies is located in the historic town of Ashland, OR.  Owner Billie Jo Vinson's primary mission is to provide the highest quality natural and holistic pet supplies in order to improve the health and well being of cats and dogs. By providing exemplary customer service, product information, lectures by pet care experts and referral services to the best pet care professionals in our area, she strives to be the trusted partner of choice for all pet parents.
If you are in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by and say hello.

Why did you open an Independent Pet Store?  Is it something you always wanted to do?
The story behind me opening up an independent Holistic Pet supply store is that I have a herbal degree and have gotten away from working with Healing herbs to begin a professional pet care business. After 14 1/2 years I knew I needed a change, but I still wanted to work with animals. A friend told me that she saw me with a holistic pet supply store. It was that light bulb moment and I knew that’s what I needed to do. 

What do you feel is unique about your store?
We are unique in several ways. We don’t import any products from China. Any food and treats are guaranteed hormone and antibiotic free. We are an apothecary for cats and dogs. We have one-of-a-kind items that only sold to small stores like mine. And I’m an herbalist with some nutrition background so I can help guide pet parents and understanding and navigating to the right formulas and foods.

What seems to be the main concerns of the pet parents that walk into your store?
 The main concern that pet parents come into the store with are anxiety, allergies. skin itchiness and arthritis pain. 

Do you have a success story to share about how the GPH Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan and/ or products have helped a dog or cat get back into balance? 
Yes I do have several success stories of how the Glacier Peak Holistic Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan has proven to be beneficial.  One that stands out specifically to me as a customer is Scott and his dog Sebastian who had itchy skin. He had tried everything from switching foods two different herbal formulas to Veterinarian recommendations.

When he got his scan results back and removed all the items that were irritants his dog stopped itching within a very short period of time. And now when he wants to try out a particular food that he tested sensitive for, he knows at the moment he sees itching that that’s a food to stay away from. Now his dog is so much more relaxed and so is his owner.

Do you have a Holistic Vet that you refer people to if needed?
The holistic vet that we recommend around here is Dr. Jeff Judkins. He is very generous with his time and even came to do a lecture at our store during our wellness Pet fair lecture series. 

Do you work with any local animal charities?
Yes we do work with local animal shelter’s. Several times a year we hold fundraisers for Fotas (Friends of the animal shelter) humane animal shelter. We just had our one year anniversary that involved a wine tasting. Proceeds from that  day will go to Fotas.

(Billie Jo emailed me and let me know
they raised over $500 for FOTAS
from their event.)

What are your plans for the future?
Our plans for the future or to grow into a bigger store and also to create a physical therapy facility for injured and aging animals.