Newsletter - December 2017

~.~ December 2017  ~.~

“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” 
                                                                                                      ~  Mark Twain

          Dr. Brian and Debe at the AHVMA Conference

Hello December!

I just want to thank all of you, our wonderful customers and friends for taking part in our biggest sale of the year.  We are so excited that so many pets and horses are getting in on the wonderful products we’ve created, just for them.  Well done pet parents!

This month we have more wonderful specials and giveaways.  We are starting a new tradition here at GPH for the holidays.   The 12 WAGS of Christmas.  We’ll be featuring something different every day and have a very special surprise on day 12.  We know how crazy the holidays can be so we are starting our 12 Wags on Wednesday December 6thand will have our big surprise on Sunday December 17th.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our website for all the fun.

In October and November we introduced you to Dr. Katie Kangas and Dr. Melissa Shelton, This month, I am very excited to announce that Dr. Brian Reeves has joined our Veterinary Board of Advisors.  He has such a big heart and he is a remarkable veterinarian.  Welcome Dr. Brian!

We are featuring a wonderful store in North Carolina this month, Lucia’s Premium Pet.  Lucia’s has become one of our Hero stores in that they take the extra time to help their customers get the help they need for their pets, whether it’s food, treats or supplements, they do it all!  Thanks for being there for all those pets, Lucia’s!

We will be closed for the holidays from December 23rd through December 26th, so be sure to check your stock so you don’t run out of your favorite supplements.  We’ll be back with bells on Wednesday December 27th.

Until next month, may your season be safe and joyous.

Chow for now,
Deb, Ellia & Krieger


Meet Dr. Reeves

Dr. Brian Reeves, DVM
Glacier Peak Holistics - DVM Board of Advisor

Dr. Reeves Veterinary Clinic

Dr Reeves has been in practice for 52 years and graduated from A&M. He has studied under many including Dr. Dusty Ralston in Dallas, Dr. Cain in Ohio as well as Cletus Vanderwell, Bill Immon in Idaho, Howard Mitchell in Oklahoma and more. He is certified by IVAS- International veterinary Acupuncture Society. He uses Eastern and Western Medicine in combination which is especially valuable for the immune system and liver health.

He specializes in holistic medicine and integrates chiropractics,acupuncture, homotoxicology,
and other homeopathic treatments into a therapy program that has had large success for many. His Holistic Page offers information on these therapies. 


Monthly Special

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Here's what people are saying...

***** 5 Stars For Glacier Peak Gold!

Amazing product! 
My son recommended this product for my dog who has always suffered from yeast infections. He was pink, stinky breath, cheesy smelling fur. In just a few days he was smelling better and feeling good. No more licking paws, scratching and looking uncomfortable. I am excited to try some of the other products as well. ~ Natalie W

***** 5 Stars For Collodial Silver!

Colloidal Silver is Always in my House: This is my 3rd bottle ofColloidal Silver and I make sure to always have it in the house. It helps all my animals with cuts and scraps but also for my one dog that has many sensitivities. I spray her down when she comes in and it helps soothe her itchy paws. Blair C.


Retail Spotlight

Lucia's Premium Pets carries a wide variety of holistic dog and cat foods and employ's a knowledgable staff to help you choose the appropriate diet for your pet. They sell canned, dry, raw and freeze dried diets along with a great selection of treats and chews. Don't miss their quality beds, collars, leashes, harnesses, spa products, toys, and more! Their Self-Serve Dog Wash is a must-see! If you are near the Publix Shopping Center on Daniel Island, make sure you stop in and say hello!

Jullianne Scott (Riley's mom /employee) & Katharine Moffat (Owner)
Why did you open up an Independent Pet Store?  Is it something you always wanted to do?
 I spent the weekends and summers during college working in a local/woman-owned pet supply shop where my love for animals was nurtured. I loved the animals, the customer service, the endless learning and the physical work of stocking the shelves. After I graduated college I never really gave much thought to going into the field of my majors (sorry mom and dad!). I moved to Charleston and never could get those pet shop days off my mind. In 2008 I finally opened a small shop of my own. Since our opening, Lucia’s has become a hub for all things pet related on Daniel Island. We are active in local rescue, lost and found pet efforts, and of course supplying the best all-natural products and foods for the local pet population.

What do you feel is unique about your store?
 Our shop is unique because of our passion for your pet’s health. We spend countless hours researching the best of the best and then countless more hours sharing that information with our customers. We have shelves chock full of the top pet products on the market and a knowledgeable staff to educate customers all about them. In short, we do all the research and stay on top of the latest and greatest so our customers don’t have to. When they shop at Lucia’s they know they are getting quality every time.

 What seems to be the main concerns of the pet parents that walk into your store?
 We have a lot of customers come in for advice on nutrition and health products. GPH is an integral part of how we help people figure out issues their dog might be having. If it is an allergy/sensitivity problem we recommend the scan and when it seems to be a pain/discomfort problem our go to is Inflapotion and Herbaprin. We have carved a niche in the community as a resource when it comes to problem solving a dog’s (or cat’s) issues.

 Do you have a success story to share about how the GPH Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan and/ or products have helped a dog or cat get back into balance? 
We have had many success stories! With the Life Scan, a great many of our clients have had not only relief but better health in general by using the results of the scan as a guide or “road map” on what to avoid and what might be beneficial. It’s a service we love being able to provide to our clients. It also helps us with deciding what products and foods to carry in the shop.

 With the Inflapotion, our own employee Julianne had significant success with her senior corgi, Riley. He had an elbow issue from his puppyhood that worsened and accelerated the arthritic process in his joints as he aged. By giving him Inflapotion and Herbaprin he went from a pronounced limp to more of just a strut! And when he injured his neck both products provided him with great relief and a speedier recovery. Both products helped Riley live out his days in comfort and ease without the use of heavy narcotic type medications and without the unpleasant side effects associated with those medications.
Do you have a Holistic Vet that you refer people to if needed?
We do! We have a great local holistic vet who makes house calls, which is very convenient for our customers.

Do you work with any local animal charities?
We collect donations for several different local rescue organizations as well as volunteer our time and resources to help these organizations regularly. Rescue is very near and dear to our hearts here at Lucia’s. 
What are your plans for the future?
In 2018 Lucia’s will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary. We are very excited to celebrate this milestone with our community of supporters here on Daniel Island!