Newsletter December 2018

December Newsletter

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays To Our Most Favorite People! 

Without you we would not be able to reach so many precious Furbabies.  So, thank you for your continued support and all the love letters we receive each and every day.  One that caught our eye this month is from Catherine who let us know how the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan helped her dog Mia's quality of life.  That’s why we do what we do. 

Along the lines of “Love Letters”, I wanted to give you all a heads up that our very own Elisabeth is back from maternity leave. YAY! She and Traci are going to start some Facebook live posts on Monday December 10th, and they will be reading some of those very special notes to you live.  Please watch ourFacebook page for updating information about those, you aren’t going to want to miss a single one as they will also be telling you about the specials we have cooked up for the holidays!

As I write this, I’m visiting my daughter and grandchildren in Austin Texas, and wanted to share with you a very sweet story.  My 8-year-old grandson, Lucas, and I were chatting last night and I asked what he asked Santa for this year.  I know he knows the real story about Santa, but it’s become a little game for us, because he LOVES Christmas time so much! If it were up to him, everyday would be Christmas.  So, his response to my question, “I asked for money this year”.  I asked, for what? “So I can have my own money to buy birthday presents for my family all year long, and help shelter pets too.”  Needless to say, I was in tears.  I think we could all learn from this sweet, sensitive, caring boy.  As they say, it’s much better to give than receive.  So, with that, our wish for each and every one of you, is kindness.  Our world seems to need more of that.

In other news, we finally got all moved into our new warehouse!  Whew, what a ride.  But so worth the effort.  It’s functional and beautiful.  And best of all, we are all under the same roof, which means so much better communication and better service for YOU.  We are ironing out a few kinks still, but we are fully functional and things are running along quite smoothly.  Photos to follow as soon as we have completed all the finishing touches.

As we come to the end of the year and begin a new one, we continue to have one mission and that is to help your pets get healthy and stay healthy!  Of course we can't do it alone. We need the assistance from dedicated independent pet stores that are passionate about your pet's health too and that can assist you in finding the proper food and herbal supplements that will work best for them. Please visit our Store Locator page to locate a store that carries GPH products and services in your area.

We also encourage you to seek guidance from a knowledegable and empathetic Holistic Veternarian.  If you do not already work with a Holistic Veternarian, please visit the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Asssociation to find one in your area.  You can   also visit Professional Practice page to locate a Holistic Veternarian that uses our products and services in their practice.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for another year of patronage and freindship. We look forward to working with you and your dogscats and horses for years to come.

Cheers to Healthy Pets in 2019!

Chow for now,

Debe, Elia and Kreiger

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Customer Testimonial

Meet Mia who is 9 1/2 mos. old.
Catherine, Mia's pet mom,  recently reviewed the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan 
on the GPH FB page.  Here is what she said:

"I did the Glacier Peak Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan for my dog as she had repeated skin infections.  I was able to adjust her food accordingly and stopped the trial and error with food and medications. The scan results provided a roadmap for me to follow that greatly improved my dog's quality of life."

Thank you Catherine for sharing your experience with us. 
Helping pets live a quality life without compromising their longevity.
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Interview With Dr. Jyl Rubin DVM

What made you decide to be a Veterinarian?
I knew since I was 4 years old I wanted to work with animals. I am a science geek so the combination of medicine and animals was my dream come true!!
How long have you been offering holistic services?
15 years
What is most challenging about what you do?
Holistic medicine results can take longer. It takes time for the body to heal and I find our society is in an instant hurry to fix and heal aliments quickly. Also colleagues who practice Western medicine can also be challenging. Sometimes they do not always understand or believe in our holistic modalities and treatments. They may not be educated about our therapies and therefore it may appear to cause a less desirable trickle effect directly to our patients and their guardians which can interfere with our positive results.

Although extremely challenging, I have also created a product line called Petnpeopl™ I believe our pets should receive quality medical care equivalent to a human’s medical care. I created a natural and organic pet and people line of products and have developed a natural sunscreen/insect repellant, a topical hemp spray and shampoo and an oral hemp drop. I have more products on the way. 

VARK ark
I have also started a non-profit organization VARK :
Veterinary After rescue Kare
This has been a challenge but a great way to give back to animals in need of medical care. Recently we have had horrible, tragic fires in California. It had been challenging but by volunteering my time, medicine, skills and supplies to the victims and their pets in need of medical care has been rewarding as well. It seems we can use more veterinarians to help the victims in need as I can only make a small dent in the mass numbers of animals in need for care. I believe in helping our communities and even treating patients’ one at a time makes an impact.

Why do you think people are seeking out alternatives to conventional medicine? 
More and more people are seeing the total benefits and positive results of holistic veterinary medicine. Using natural healing verses synthetics may have less or no harmful side effects when utilized by an educated holistic veterinarian. Many of my patients have been turned away from their regular veterinarian because they have nothing else to offer. Holistic medicine can be extremely beneficial and takes a more natural healing approach with great success! 

As a media veterinarian I am committed to educating the world about alternative and holistic medicine so viewers can make more informed and educated choices about treatments and care for their pets overall health and wellbeing. I have an educational website so pet owners can view past videos and TV segments in order to educate them on holistic alternatives and medical procedures. 
 What is the most exciting change you’ve seen in Veterinary medicine during your practice life?
Veterinary medicine has made magnanimous improvements over the last 30 years. Anesthesia is safer, diagnostic tools are superior such as digital x-rays, MRI's, and CAT Scans to name a few. As for surgical advances the equipment and surgical techniques had advanced tremendously. Prosthetics and wheelchairs for handicapped pets have been amazing for a more quality lifestyle for pets with disabilities. Lasers, herbals, essential oils, ozone, biofeedback, biophotonic therapy, stem cell treatments, alternative chemotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractics’, physical therapy, homeopathy and energetic medicine have all been added to our medicine bags to increase quality care and create more successful outcomes for the healing and treating of our patients.  
Species appropriate diets also have made a huge impact on pets overall health and wellbeing. Palliative care and humane euthanasia have advanced tremendously. Hemp and CBD products have been a game changer to our profession. I am so thrilled to be a part of the holistic medicine world and be on the ground level and practicing quality holistic care for my patients. 
Who has inspired you in Veterinary medicine? 
My mom had a great love of animals. She was an amazing giving, loving person who helped any animal in need. She was always rescuing animals and taught me the importance of animal care. As for a famous person James Herriott was always a hero to me. I loved his country style approach to veterinary medicine and his ability to communicate easily with the pets owners. Another influential mentor was veterinary surgeon Dr. James A. Craig, VMD. He was extremely inspirational and encouraging to further my veterinary career.
Do you have a success stories to share on how a GPH product or service has helped one of your patients?
YES!!! I really do not just have one. I love the Glacier Peak Holistics Life Stress Scan. It has helped so many of my patients with their dietary needs and has helped tremendously in figuring out which toxins, foods, and environmental toxicities may be causing illness to their pets. I also really love theColloidal Silver  spray. It has so many benefits and when mixed properly with Dr. Melissa Shelton’s Animal Essential Oils it can be even more amazing!!! Mountain Salve is also amazing for healing wounds.
What is your hope for the future of Veterinary medicine?
It is my hope to continue to improve all areas of veterinary medicine! Including utilizing human equivalent quality medical care, products, and treatments. It is also my hope that holistic medicine continues to be integrated into veterinary colleges and is more accepted into the routine everyday care in order to prevent disease. The AHVMA  is a wonderful organization who supports educates, researches, and promotes holistic medicine advancements. It is my hope they continue to grow exponentially to spread the word about holistic veterinary care.


 Dr. Jyl Rubin graduated in 1995 from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine.  Her practice, Dr Jyl's Mobile Pet Connection treats domestic, farm, and exotic animals. Just a few of these species include: dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, turtles, tortoises, lizards, potbelly and farm pigs, goats, sheep, llamas, camels, and many more. Dr. Jyl has literally traveled the entire globe to broaden her extensive knowledge and embrace her love of animals.

 She is currently featured on Fox 40′s “Ask The Vet” Segment every Monday at 8:40am. In the past, Dr. Jyl has made appearances on CBS/KOVR-TV (Channel 13) and Good Day Sacramento (UPN/KMAX Channel 31) in Sacramento, California. In addition, she has also been featured on the Animal Radio Network, America’s Heartland, California’s Heartland, Animal Planet, Animal Miracles (PAX Network) and Animal Disney Radio.

Glacier Peak Holistics is honored that Dr. Jyl utilizes our products and services in her practice. Dr. Jyl's Mobile Pet Connection is proud to serve pets in the following areas in California: Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Granite Bay, Orangevale, El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks and Carmichael.

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