Newsletter February 2019

And it’s February!

It seems like we go from New Years to Valentine’s Day in 3.2 seconds! 
The good news about that is we are one month closer to spring!

We have some exciting news for you this month. First, I want to welcome a new line of products to our website; Adored Beast, creators of Love Bugs.  These just happen to be the very BEST probiotics I’ve ever found.  We have been dabbling a bit with our own version and it was good, but this company towers above them all.  One of my favorite sayings is “don’t reinvent the wheel”, and never has that been more accurate. 

The company was started by Julie Anne Lee, DCH, RSSHom.  Julie Anne has decades of experience in holistic health care with animals.  In her words:  “I culture everything”.  I love that, because when it comes to bacteria, good or not so good, one size does not fit all.  She recommends rotating probiotics just like you would rotate proteins in a well-balanced diet.  Who knew?  Look for these amazing new products to be on our website soon. 

This month we have the distinct pleasure to introduce to you on a whole new level, Dr. Brian Reeves, DVM.  Dr. Brian is an absolute gem of a human being and we are honored to have him as one of our board of advisors.  I hope you enjoy his story as much as I did. 
He is truly one of a kind.   Here is a photo of Dr. Brian Reeves and I taken at the AHVMA Conference.  Visiting with him is always the highlight of the conference.       

 We are also excited to introduce you to our brand new EM Guard.  These little things pack a powerful punch against the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation.  As I’m sure you know, cell phones & towers, routers, modems, computers, Wi-Fi, etc. have been proven to be a threat to our wellbeing as well as the health of our pets.  We are now using German Noise Field Technology for our EM Guards and no longer carry the Gia line.  These new EM Guards use the Infinity Enhanced Noise Field Frequency.  This optimizing disk has been tested and proven as the most powerful portable device ever in Europe, Asia and North America. The technology has been shown in substantiated peer reviewed studies to mitigate the effects that electromagnetic waves have on our cells, thus our whole body over time. Click here to view these studies.   

Personally, I have every computer and monitor protected, as well as my cell phone.  Both Ellia and Krieger wear one on their collar tag.  I wear one stuck to the back of a pendant.  I feel safer knowing that this is one toxin we can negate the effects of simply and inexpensively.  The best part is that they last 5 years!  And because it’s the month of love, they are on sale for 25% off in February. Use the code PAWTECT19 to get the discount.

Don't miss our customer spotlights with Pearly White, Titan and Sweetie!

As always thank you for all your support.  From all of us at GPH, we send you and your cats, dogs and horses lots of love from Montana.

Chow for Now,

Deb, Ellia, and Krieger

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Learn More About EMF's and EMR's Here

Customer Testimonials 

One of the tag lines we use around GPH Holistics is "We do what we do for them."

 It's so true!
We LOVE when pet parents share reviews on how a
GPH product or service as made a difference for their dog, cat or horse.
Here are just a few we received lately.
***** Working Well 
Review on Probio Complete from Bobbie A.
" dog doesn’t mind eating it on his food. This has helped keep his digestive system consistent."

After reaching out to Bobbie to get a photos of Titan she added: 
"Titan is a Neapolitan Mastiff he weights 172 lbs and he is 2 years 10 months old.   He has done amazing on your supplements and we will continue to use them!"

***** Pawsitively Incredible Customer Service

Review on Probio Complete from Katie H.
"I feel so much more comfortable caring for my furry friend after learning the accurate and rapid results from Glacier Peak Holistics! They are truly incredible people who work within this company. I couldn’t be more impressed!"

After reaching out to Katie to get a photo of her cat she added: 
My best friend’s name is Pearly White. She’s a 12 year old female who is part Maine Coon. She was born in Cape Cod, MA.   

Pearly White
***** Greatly Improved
Review on Inflapotion and HerbAprin from Jayne D.

"I have a 25  year old mare with a chronic lameness that has become worse within the last couple of years. She had also recently developed a slight nose bleed from one nostril that wouldn't stop, even after treatment with steroids. I started her on the Inflapotion for the lameness and within 2 weeks there was marked improvement in her comfort level.

I added in the HerbAprin for the calming effect, as well as hoping to help with her lameness. Within a few days her lameness had improved further. I was very happy that she seemed much more comfortable. On occasion she even cantered around her field like a much younger horse!

Her nose bleed had continued for several weeks so our vet recommended scoping her to try to determine the cause. We found a lesion in her nasal passage. We declined further diagnostics and planned to watch and wait and support her as best we could.

Well, after several weeks on both the Inflapotion and the HerbAprin, her nose has stopped bleeding! It has been about 2 weeks now since any trickle of blood has come from that nostril. Needless to say we are thrilled that she is doing so well. I truly believe the Glacier Peak Holistics products are responsible for the improvement we've seen with Sweetie! Thank you for your products."
Interview With Dr. Brian Reeves, DVM

Dr. Brian Reeves, DVM
Reeves Veterinary Clinic
Small and Large Animals
2101 SSE Loop 323 
Tyler, Tx 75703

Dr. Brian Reeves has been in practice for 52 years and graduated from A&M. He has studied under many including Dr. Dusty Ralston  in Dallas, Dr. Cain in Ohio as well as Cletus Vanderwell, Bill Immon in idoh, Howard Mitchell in Oklahoma and more. He is certified by IVAS- International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.

He uses Eastern and Western Medicine in combination which is especially valuable for the immune system and liver health. He specializes in holistic medicine and integrates chiropractics, acupuncture, homotoxicology, and other homeopathic treatments into a therapy program that has had large success for many. 

We are honored to present Dr. Brian Reeves in our GPH Professional Practice Spotlight.

What made you decide to be a Veterinarian?

My mother’s father was a farmer in Iowa and I would go visit him every summer and, occasionally, other times.  He helped me create a love for animals and taking care of them.  The veterinarian was well respected in his part of the country and he encouraged me to become one.  At the age of 10 I decided that’s what I wanted to do and I chased that dream graduating from Vet school at age 22.  My dream now is to try and learn something new from my patients and clients every day.

 How long have you been offering holistic services?

Since 1988 when I went to Acupuncture School with IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) and was soon followed by chiropractic therapies.  Animal chiropractic was taught by Dr. Sharon Willowby with the AVCA (American Veterinary Chiropractic Association).  Dr. Willowby was a graduate of Veterinary school as well as human chiropractic school.  Once you start down the rabbit hole of holistic veterinary medicine, the hole is very big and never ends.  Many other modalities presented their self over the next 30 years and continue to do so unto this day.

The deeper understanding of Quantum Physics has opened a whole new world of holistic medicine and I’m sure we have only begun to scratch the surface.  People often ask me at age 77 how much longer I intend to practice, my answer is, “I wish I could be around for another 50 years because of all the new, exciting developments and understandings that I know will take place.”   Prior to 1988, I had an interest in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrition.  This interest was able to blossom into a beautiful flower when I met numerous mentors that pushed me down my path of holistic veterinary medicine

What is most challenging about what you do?

Communicating inbalances to the owners about their animals and not labeling their pets with a “disease”.  A holistic veterinarian looks at the wholism of his patient and is concerned with basic causes of imbalance that have led to a progression of irregularities in the body.  Keeping in mind that root causes can have various results that need to be balanced thus helping restore the animal to a more normal state and thus, hopefully, eliciting a good recovery from the malady presented.

 Why do you think people are seeking out alternatives to conventional medicine?

1.       Their experiences with their own health using holistic medicine.

2.       Public information that’s available as in books, magazines,
health food stores and groups like food  co-ops    

3.       Internet connections, Facebook and other social media outlets. 

4.       Previous results that were good testimonies from family and friends, that is “word of mouth”.

  What is the most exciting change you’ve seen in Veterinary medicine during your practice life?

Improved technology.  When I began practice in 1964, serology study of blood components and organ functions was not heard of in veterinary medicine.  Many other technologies have come to the forefront to help us assess our patients, such as, sonograms, digital x-Rays, magnetic imaging and many, many evaluations of the blood components and organ function.  Technological items similar to these allow us a wide screen of observation into the health of our patients.

Who has inspired you in Veterinary medicine? 

From the western side of veterinarian medicine I owe a great deal to Dr. Leonard Carpenter, my first boss who I spent approximately 6 years studying under.  I think his biggest gift to me was not only superb veterinary expertise, but a great work ethic and a burning desire for the good health of the patient as well as a large degree of empathy for the client.  From an alternative standpoint, I am immensely indebted to Drs. Howard Mitchell, David Lowdermilk, Ralph Johnson, Clete Vonderwel and Marvin Cain.  I would be remiss if I did not include Dr.  Dusty Ralston.  Each of these Veterinarians played an integral part bringing me to my current day reality.  It would take a book to adequately describe all the help with which they blessed me.
Do you have a success stories to share on how a GPH product or service has helped one of your patients?

In my area of practice in East Texas, the animals have a lot of allergies; skin, GI and respiratory systems are involved.  Through the use of  the Glacier Peak Holistic Life Stress Scan , I have been able to successfully help many of these patients.  Also, I have a lot of senior dogs that have benefited greatly from the Inflapotion  product.  I use it in conjunction with acupuncture, veterinary orthopedic manipulation, magnetic therapy and facia release.

What is your hope for the future of Veterinary medicine?

That technology would continue to make greater advancements of which all of veterinary medicine would be receptive to. That veterinary medicine would continue to be open to thinking outside the box and looking at their profession as an opportunity to give blessings to animals and their owners.  We, as Veterinarians, (regardless of the type of medicine we practice) have a very unique opportunity and responsibility in giving to our clients and companion animals as well as live stock and all forms of the animal kingdom.