Newsletter - July 2016

Volume III, Issue VII ~ July 2016 Glacier Peak Holistics Herbal Remedies

Message from the Pack Leader:

air temperature
Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s already July, and so hot! There are many things to consider when taking your dog out. One is hot cars. At 70°F, a car can become over 100°F in 10 minutes. Asphalt or pavement in 77°F becomes 125°F. Good to remember when traveling or just walking with your dog.

Happy 4th of July to you all! As you likely know, many pets have great anxiety with this holiday’s noise factors. Please be respectful to your pets as well as others. Remember, Bach Flower remedies can help relieve stress for dogs, cats and horses.

KriegerRemember Krieger? The new kid on the block? Well, he was about 6 months old when he was busted out of the pound this last new years eve. He was a tall, gangly teenager type guy. So last week he finally reached a height that he can no longer walk under the tables and desks here at the offices of GPH. We know this because he got a scrape about 6 inches long right along the top of his spine. When touched he cried and tried to bite, so we know it really hurt, as this guy wouldn’t hurt a fly. After a bit of “super-sloothing”, we figured out what had happened. I quickly put Mountain Salve on his boo-boo and guess what? He LOVED it! Even though I could tell it was painful to the touch, the instant soothing of the salve put him at ease and he started to scab up by the next day. Krieger is a Mountain Salve fan, because as I said… he’s the gangly klutzy type. He gets plenty of opportunities to try it out.

Besides having Independence Day this month, did you know that all month long is National Lost Pet Prevention Month? What do you do for your Fur-ends to make sure they can find their way home if they become lost?

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day. Seems like a great time to locate some of those stickers for your windows that alert the fire department that there are pets inside.

And, on July 31st, we have my very favorite day… National Mutt Day. Why is it my favorite, because in my book Mutt means: Muzzles Under The Toes. Don’t know what I’d do without my toe warmers. What does your Mutt look like? Send a “Mutt” shot and we’ll give you a money off coupon code. Ready, Set, Shoot!

I hope you enjoy this issue of the GPH newsletter. We sure have fun putting them together for you.

~Happy Tails~
Deb, Ellia and Krieger

Customer Spotlight

Amy Pike from Portland, OR
Salvo the catWe adopted Salvo in the fall 2015, he had a reputation of being "standoffish" and grumpy while in rescue and at Purringtons Cat Lounge where we met him. Nobody could pet him without his express permission, and he would very gently bite or shove your hand away with his paws if he did not want to be touched, which was 95% of the time. We figured that even if he was never overly affectionate, a cat who had been in rescue for as long as he had been really would benefit from a real home, and with the recent loss of the elderly Tia Cat, we had love and a safe place to offer.

healthy cat SalvoShortly after bringing him home we did a routine vet exam, he had terrible breath and there had to be a reason for it. We found out that he had feline stomatitis, which is autoimmune in nature, chronic, and painful. Basically the plaque on his teeth were causing his gums to ulcer and be very inflamed. The general treatment is steroids, so we tried that with no improvement after two treatments. The next step was pulling the most effected teeth, so we did that, and while recovering from that surgery our local Natures Pet suggested we try Inflapotion for him, at least to aid in his healing. Why not, it wasn't going to hurt him. At his recheck 2 weeks later his gums were already much improved. We have kept him on Inflapotion since then, and 6 months later his mouth is significantly healthier. There have been no new ulcers, and the general redness of his gums is that of a healthy cat.

Being in less pain has really changed him; while he still does not love to be petted, he does cuddle with us on the couch, rubs his head on us, and is very playful now. He also will eat anything that resembles food, and has a great sense of humor. ​All things we were not sure we would ever see from him. He gets 1/8 teaspoon once a day to maintain, and is doing very well. He's obviously getting happier every day. I attribute his success to Inflapotion, as without it I am sure we would still be trying unsuccessfully to manage him with steroids and pulling more teeth.

The bundle that we have on special this month is VERY special. It contains trial sizes of both of our Comfort Care powdered formulas in a NEW 3 oz trial size pouch, plus a 1 oz size Mountain Salve. With this bundle you can see for yourself how great they are at a fraction of the cost of the full size. But we’re so sure you are going to love the results the price is also VERY special. At just $5 each, that’s $15 for the whole bundle, you will be able to see results very quickly with the Inflapotion and HerbAprin (formerly Herbal Aspirin). And the salve is so soothing, you’ll be using it on yourself.

So what exactly are these “Wonder Potions”? Here’s the story on all of them.

Inflapotion is a formula designed to reduce inflammation in dogs, cats and horses. It typically works within 48 hours for age related stiffness, arthritis symptoms, and a plethora of other issues from red inflamed skin to swelling and heat caused by injury or “growing pains”.

HerbAprin (formerly Herbal Aspirin) is our answer to natural pain relief. The best way to relieve pain is rest. When a pet is in pain, it’s very hard to get real rest. In addition to white willow bark, traditionally used by native Americans for pain, and Feverfew, also used by native Americans for fever and heat related issues, we add mild sedative herbs to help relax so they can sleep and heal.

And then there is Mountain Salve. This is a great antibiotic salve which is also an anti-fungal and skin softener. It’s great for itchy red tummy, bug bites, or minor cuts and scrapes.

P.S. It’s also great for cuticles… yours.