Newsletter - June 2016

Volume III, Issue VI ~ June 2016 Glacier Peak Holistics Herbal Remedies
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Message from the Pack Leader:

natural pet healthWelcome to summer! We at GPH are extremely happy to be in the warmth of summer
and looking forward to summer- time fun. With school out, or almost out, the kiddos will be looking for more to do… both 2 footers and 4. I know Ellia and Krieger are wearing themselves out playing in the yard and keeping the pocket gophers in check. The yard looks like a land mine field, but the happy look on their faces at the end of the day is well worth it, besides, it is their back yard. The horses are happily mowing the front side and even trimming around the shrubs. They do a fine job and I don’t have to waste gas in the lawnmower. Win/win.

Looking at June, it looks like all those shelter kitty’s are going to find their new forever homes this month, as it’s adopt a shelter kitty month. There is nothing quite as calming as a cat in the lap, purring up a storm. My cat, Puma, doesn’t sit still that long, but she’s still young. She will figure it out someday. But if you are looking for a new furry companion of the kitty persuasion… please check out your local shelter. And look for new products from us next month, made especially for the felines of the world.

We are excited to bring you a new product this month called Zeolite Clinoptilolite. This natural mineral has been used for over two thousand years, but much of the knowledge of its benefits were lost over the ages. Most of us remember the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, with widespread radiation contaminating an area from Belarus (site of the disaster) to the Mediterranean. Scientists used this mineral to help clean up the radiation – both in the environment and in animals and humans. It has a unique molecular structure that acts like a cage to trap contaminates and it is negatively charged making it attract the positively charged toxins. 

Summer Solstice is the perfect time to boost your pet’s immune system to handle the extra rigors of summertime activities so we are offering our Peak Immune at 25% off for the entire month of June. We suggest using the Peak Immune 4 times per year to keep their immune system strong all year long.

This month, as usual, we have a wonderful customer spotlight testimonial. Have a look and I hope you enjoy this magical month of June.

~Happy Tails~
Deb, Ellia and Krieger

pet health customer spotlight
PJ Goodman from Florida
BodieWhen I proudly adopted a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier five and a half years ago, I was exposed to a phenomenon unheard of by most: pet allergies. True to form, Bodie began to suffer from chronic allergies around the age of three. He had regular yeast infections in both ears as well as in all four paw pads; at times they were so inflamed he couldn’t put pressure on them. In addition to the yeast, his skin was covered in scabs that he would lick and scratch incessantly which often resulted in bleeding.

Bodie was a regular at our local veterinarian’s office. He was often prescribed antibiotics and antihistamines, neither of which would prevent future outbreaks. His veterinarian suggested formal allergy testing multiple times; however, he also added the process would be quite costly and may not resolve the issue. I was hesitant to begin costly testing that would not guarantee results.

At the time, I was working for a pet supply company that proclaimed to employ “pet experts.” Far from it, as we were instructed to tell customers that grain-free is the solution to pet allergies and to steer clear of chicken as a protein source. It was a customer who told me about Glacier Peaks Holistics Allergy Sensitivity Test. She had recently received her dog’s results and was hoping I could help locate a food that did not include chickpeas or lentils. It was through the research I did for this customer that I learned almost every dry dog food on the market includes either chickpeas or lentils.

healthy dog bodieI went home that evening and immediately ordered a test for Bodie. After receiving the results, I shared them with Bodie’s vet who was extremely supportive. I told him I planned to eliminate all of the items that reflected a sensitivity and questioned how long it would be before I should expect to see results. He told me it would take about six to eight weeks to clear out Bodie’s system. He also warned me that Bodie’s ears, paws and skin would become worse before I would begin to see an improvement.

A few weeks after we began the elimination diet, Bodie’s paw pads began to clear. It was next that I noticed his ears were no longer inflamed and the yeast was completely gone. It was his skin that took the longest, especially his rear. Once his body completely purged the toxins his skin began to clear.

It’s been more than four months now since Bodie has suffered an outbreak. Prior to beginning the elimination diet, Bodie had not gone six weeks without a visit to our veterinarian. His visits were so frequent that our pet health insurance carrier refused to cover any more allergy related treatment. Bodie no longer suffers from yeast infections in his ears and paw pads. His skin is clear and he no longer licks himself raw. It’s been close to a miracle.

As I’m far from a pet expert I will never claim to be one again. Pet allergies are serious and it’s necessary to determine the cause. Pets that truly suffer from allergies will not experience relief solely through the elimination of grains and poultry. Our pets are our family and there’s no need for them to suffer. Sensitivity testing takes the guess work out of it.

PJ Goodman


Zeolite Clinoptilolite - for the Ultimate Cleanse
Zeolite Clinoptilolite has been used by mankind as far back as recorded data exists. The Romans used large blocks of it to build their aqueducts and enjoyed filtered water quite by accident. Only recently (1990's) has it been able to be micronized into a powder form that is small enough to work on a cellular level.

The molecular structure of Zeolite Clinoptilolite resembles a honeycomb cage with a negative charge inside. This attracts the positive charged toxins and traps them inside the 'cage'. It is recommended to use this wonder mineral once per day and to take it at least an hour before any other supplements as it can trap the good stuff too. The whole detox process takes as little as 6 - 8 hours so there is seldom any sickness from detox overload while the Zeolite particles flow naturally through the system and are excreted either in the urine or feces.