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Glacier Peak Holistics

PWLS Scan - Professional Practice

PWLS Scan - Professional Practice

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Pet Intolerance Test is more than an allergy test for dogs and cats

The Pet Intolerance Test uses biofeedback, which has the ability to read energetic resonance from hair and saliva samples. It can identify imbalances and stressors based on over 300 food and environmental factors.  Click here to find out more.

Let GPH Pet Intolerance Test be your client's first option rather than their last resort.

What's included in the Kit:

  • “Register Test” card with Bar code (Electronic Information Sheet & Disclaimer to be completed at
  • 3 Organic Cotton Swabs
  • Plastic Bag (To place the hair and saliva samples inside)
  • Return Envelope
  • Pre-Paid Return Shipping (for customers within the United States)

Pet Intolerance Test for Professional Practice include automatic Expedited Delivery of results directly to the practitioner.  This option is ONLY available for Professional Practices.

Please be advised the price now includes trackable pre-paid return shipping labels.

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