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Volume III, Issue XII ~ December 2016
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Message from the Pack Leader:

Well, here we are... almost at the end of the year already.  To me, it seems like it should still be June!  Everyone here at GPH hopes you had a delightful Thanksgiving holiday last week with your families and loved ones near. 

For us, the next 6 weeks will be very busy indeed.  The launch date for our new website is scheduled for mid January, 2017.  It’s so beautiful and user friendly, we hope you will love it as much as we do.  On top of that, our new labels will be ready by the first part of January, making it easier for you to get packaging targeted toward your specific animal: dogs, cats and/or horses.  They too are so beautiful, we think you will love them as well.  So, stay tuned as we will be sending emails letting you know of the changes to your login info if you are already signed up on our existing site.  We are hoping for a seamless transfer of information, but are ready to fix any glitches that present themselves.  We hope you will be patient with us as we grow to this next level.

As promised here are some before and (not quite) after photos of Maz.  He is a beautiful straight Egyptian Arabian stallion who came to me with severe back issues.  But upon further investigation, I realized the issue is more in his neck and shoulders than the actual back.  His neck upon arrival was almost at a 90 degree angle to his shoulders rather than the 45° we like to see.  This caused him to hollow out his back and move very stiffly in his head and upper neck.  

After 4 weeks of minor body work and major herb regime, he has come a long way.  After his therapy sessions, he walks around shaking and rolling his head like he is just discovering that it actually can move.  

Maz getting loaded to come with me. Maz in his new digs.
In the Beginning...

Maz beginning to show progress Amazing
After 1 week on Inflapotion, HerbAprin, Daily Defense and some massage

After 4 weeks this little guy is a different horse.  He actually had a full head shake on this day.  I have not seen him do that as yet, he was just too stuck at his poll.  He still has a way to go.  He is only a yearling so out of proportion at this time.  He is very ‘rump high’ right now, so lots of room to grow.  I love that he has a chance at a great life now.
Stay tuned for more progress reports...

Be sure to check out the Customer Spotlight featuring Linda & Blossom, the Retailer Spotlight featuring Dawg City and our Holistic Vet Interview with Dr. Nicolle Rubendall.  We so appreciate the folks who make contributions for all our readers to enjoy.

Of course, we are featuring the Silver & Gold for December's special as it just seems so fitting.  Look for periodic flash sales and more specials throughout December.... just our way of saying "Merry Christmas" to all.

From everyone here at GPH: "We wish you all a joyous season filled with happiness, healthiness and, most of all, love."

~ Happy Tails ~
Deb, Ellia and Krieger

Customer Spotlight

Linda from Alaska

If you would like to share your wellness story with other pet parents, pet store owners and a growing list of vets, please contact us as we would love to feature you and your fur babies in our Spotlight!

A couple years ago I was on the search for a safe, non-pharmaceutical product that could help Blossom with her arthritis. I came across Glacier Peak Holistics' website and decided to try the Inflapotion.  I bought the small size to try and soon after giving it to her, I saw her mobility increasing and she had more energy.  I was so happy that the product was working I then ordered the larger size, plus, the Herbal Aspirin and am pleased to say that after almost 2 years of using Glacier Peak products, Blossom still loves her walks and sleeps like an angel at night.

I use the pulse method - giving her Sundays off - then resume on Monday.  Blossom recently celebrated her 15th Birthday and is still going strong. People are amazed when they find out how old she is and I always tell them about Inflapotion and Herbal Aspirin and how they have helped her quality of life.  She's still chasing squirrels and going on long walks in the woods twice a day.

Thank you Glacier Peak, from both of us.

Linda and Blossom from Alaska

This month we are featuring Jayne Malenfant of "Dawg City" in Andover, Mass. We hope you enjoy Jayne's story, and if you live close, please stop by her store and say "Hi."

GPH: Why did you open up an Independent Pet Store? Is it something you always wanted to do?
In 1990, I decided to begin training dogs professionally.  I was given a gift, and decided it was time to use that gift.  I became very well known for this gift with animals. I worked for free mostly for a long while.  I was paid only for my gasoline.  I was extremely busy, and in 1993, this is when I decided to open my pet supply store.  I was young and broke, well, not penniless, but close to it.  I had my first child at age 21.  I had to find a means to support my family.  At age 26, my new customers would look past me and ask to speak to the owner.  Yes, it was tough dealing with people much older than I was and gaining trust among older adults.

I offered training, grooming and pet supplies.  I never once sold dogs or cats in my store.  This is something I felt strongly about.  If I couldn't survive on my own skills, then I would not profit from selling animals at any cost.  My love of dogs made my job my passion in life.  I would read everything I could get my hands on to educate myself on pet care, health, and nutrition.  I knew early on in life that animals would be in my life somehow.  One way or another, I was going to succeed running my own business and following my dreams.  On a shoestring budget, I grew the business.  Today I have two stores, and will be thinking of a third in the near future.  I have three children and a husband. We have three dogs, and pet chickens too.   The hours are long, but it has been a blessing that we are doing very well in a country that is saturated with big box stores.

GPH: What do you feel is unique about your store?
Our store is like the "Cheers" of the pet world; we know all of our customers and their pets.  Our staff has been trained while working.  I won't name names publicly, but we have a great team.  I have a manager who I could not live without!  She stands beside me through the good times and the worst of times. This young lady never gives up.  If I am staying late, I am never alone.  She should be the poster girl for "no man/woman left behind."  This is what makes us push forward. Teamwork.  We strive to help everyone's pets stay healthy.  We only like products that do no harm to the pets we see.  We dislike chemicals for flea control and medications that can be harmful.  We stock top quality supplies, supplements and foods.  USA made products are a must.  During the holidays, we make our stores feel homey, since we like our clients to feel at home when they visit us.  Decorating gives a warm and inviting feel to our stores especially for the holidays!

GPH: What seems to be the main concerns of the pet parents that walk into your store?

The main concerns for pet parents are the well being and overall health of their pets. Good quality food, supplements, and keeping allergies at bay.  This is where we shine in what we do.  With the help of your company, we can now help even more pets!

GPH: Do you have a success story to share about how the GPH Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan and/or products have helped a dog or cat get back into balance?
Success story?  Yes, too many to list.  One does come to mind.  A poodle that was eating only ground chicken feathers as a main diet and on meds for his terrible skin issues is now off all meds and eating a quality diet from our store.  Thank you to Glacier Peak for taking out the guess work!  This dog would mope around prior to changing his diet and getting him on track.  He now runs circles when he visits us.  It has been 2 months now since he has been on our diet and off all meds!

GPH: Do you work with any local animal charities?
We do work with many local rescue groups.  One group we help is Last Hope K9.  We try to donate 5,000 pounds of food yearly to them.  We also hold adoption events at our stores for them.  We also donate to cat rescues in need.

GPH: What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future? Possibly write a handbook and franchise to reach as many pet parents in need of helping their pets live the longest ,happiest, healthiest life possible.  Smaller size stores that actually can help people with their pets, and not just sell dog food and toys.  That is what the big stores do.  We have high standards, and refuse to compromise our quality of service. If we grow, it will be with high standards always.  I guess we will see what the future brings for Dawg City Pet Supply & Nutrition Center.  For now, I am happy helping our surrounding area pet parents in every way we can.  

Thank you Glacier Peak team, for all of your support and helping us to help the dogs and cats who need our help.  Bless, Jayne Malenfant / CEO

Inside Dawg City

We sincerely thank Jayne for taking the time to answer these questions and share her story with all of us. ~ the GPH Pack

Silver & Gold...
Silver & Gold...

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The GPH Pack

Dr. Nicolle Rubendall

Dr. Nicolle RubendallAn Iowa native, Dr Rubendall attended Iowa State University and obtained her DVM in 2002. She moved to Chicago where she practiced veterinary medicine for 10 years.  It was during this time she became interested in alternative veterinary medicine and studied Chinese herbal medicine.  She became certified in 2011 in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.  She then studied chiropractic services at the Healing Oasis in Wisconsin and became certified in Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy in January 2012.  She decided to get away from the cold winters and moved to Wilmington in the Spring of 2012.  She did relief work in the area and enjoyed working with the staff at Capeside Animal Hospital and was happy to accept a part time position.  Dr Rubendall lives near Carolina Beach with her husband Eric and their Boston /French Bulldog mix named Hula and their two cats.

How long have you been offering holistic services?
I have been offering holistic services at a traditional practice for about 7 years.  I started a part time mobile business where I offer spinal manipulation, Chinese herbs and nutrition consults since moving to Wilmington, NC about 5 years ago.   It has been fantastic.  I have found the local dog trainers and agility groups to be the most supportive!

What holistic training have you had since vet school?
I became certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine through IVAS in 2011 and Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy in 2012.  I obtained most of my nutrition education during my Chinese herbal course and special interest in literature from Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Jean Dodds.

Why do you think people are seeking out alternatives to conventional medicine?
I feel people are more interested in eating more healthy for themselves and want what's best for their pets as well.  They are becoming more educated in reading labels and are looking for clean options.  They are also tired of seeing their pets not feel well on common traditional medications for allergies, for example.  They are realizing the medications are giving temporary relief as opposed to getting to the root of the cause and treating it.

What is the most exciting change you’ve seen in veterinary medicine during your practice life?

I have loved seeing the difference in food options for our pets.  It is tremendous to hear the stories from clients in the exam room when I hear they just changed their food and their skin cleared up or no more ear infections, etc.  Recently, I became familiar with the products and tests offered through Glacier Peak and it has made an even bigger difference in my patients' lives by feeding what they need as an individual and detoxing them to help improve their skin, emotions and pain.

Who has inspired you in veterinary medicine? 
We hired a new vet when I was in Chicago suburbs who had an interest in Veterinary Acupuncture and thought I should learn more about it. I attended a conference in Orlando and they offered a whole block of alternative medicine topics.  I sat in the same room the whole five days and loved everything I heard.  It was a new door that opened and got me more excited about veterinary medicine.  I was tired of applying band-aids to patients and wanted to get to the root of the cause for their illness and help them feel better and heal!  I have to thanks Dr. Steve Marsden for being there for that meeting.  Dr. Karen Becker is also an inspiration with her drive to provide better nutrition to animals and educate the public.

Do you have any GPH Success stories to share?
I've been using the Glacier Peak products for just a few months and have loved the feedback from my clients.  I've had a one year old Aussie improve from chronic GI issues and was underweight.  He gained four pounds and the owner no longer hears gurgling sounds from his abdomen.  A nearly 16 year old mixed breed started HerbAprin in place of her traditional anti-inflammatory at night and the owner is stunned by the difference.  She is standing more, wanting to go for multiple long walks on the beach and she's been a patient of mine for spinal manipulation for the last year for ataxia in her rear legs.  She has become quite sassy in wanting to be more active.  The owners are actually having a hard time keeping up with her energy!  I have a few clients working on detoxing their pets for allergies and have heard great feedback about their pets not itching near as much and not smelling like they used to!

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions as we are inspired by your love and care.  ~ The GPH Team!

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