GPH Board of Advisors

Meet Dr. Reeves

Dr. Brian Reeves, DVM
Glacier Peak Holistics - DVM Board of Advisor

Dr. Reeves Veterinary Clinic

Dr Reeves has been in practice for 52 years and graduated from A&M. He has studied under many including Dr. Dusty Ralston in Dallas, Dr. Cain in Ohio as well as Cletus Vanderwell, Bill Immon in Idaho, Howard Mitchell in Oklahoma and more. He is certified by IVAS- International veterinary Acupuncture Society. He uses Eastern and Western Medicine in combination which is especially valuable for the immune system and liver health.

He specializes in holistic medicine and integrates chiropractics,acupuncture, homotoxicology,
and other homeopathic treatments into a therapy program that has had large success for many. His Holistic Page offers information on these therapies.