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January 2017 Glacier Peak Holistics Herbal Remedies
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Message from the Pack Leader:

Happy New Year to all of you! I’m always happy for the holidays and happy when they are over. We are all set to launch our new website, and to that end, please bear with us as we make the switch. If you are a current customer with log in information, it may not work. You will need to enter new log in information on the new site. I’m so excited to share this project with you. It’s been a long process but so well worth it. We will be sporting new labels for the new year as well. Making it easier for you to order for your dog, cat or horse.

BlairWe would like to introduce a new member in our pack this month. Blair Cislo is coming in as our new in-house sales rep. She is packed with knowledge about animals and is eager to help you with yours. She comes from the sunny state of Florida to our beautiful Montana. It’s been cold here, but she is acclimating nicely. As you can see, Blair is a horsewoman and also has been using herbs all of her life. She is learning quickly about all of our products and we are so excited to have her on board. Welcome Blair!

Just a little about the colt story from last month. As it has been in the negative digits weather wise, I’ve not had much of chance to work with him. I’m hoping for an update for you in February.

We will be sending out a mini newsletter when the new website is up and running, but until then all of your order history is intact. As always if you have any issues with your website experience, we want to know about it, good or bad.

I hope you enjoy this beginning of the new year and we look forward to sharing our products and information with you in the coming months.

Happy Trails,


 Deb Glacier Peak Holistics


Product Special of the Month

Herbal Aspirin - Hebaprin

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Did you know

Did you know? HerbAprin is on special this month and we thought you should know a little more about it. We have seen this formula work wonders for minor aches and pains as well as some pretty acute issues. It starts to work in less than an hour and the only side effects are a very sleepy dog or horse. This formula is not suitable for cats as it contains white willow bark, which is the original aspirin. Though it’s not as hard on the stomach as regular aspirin, cats just don’t metabolize it the same as other pets.

HerbAprin is an ‘as needed’ remedy. For instance, if your senior horse or dog is moving a bit slower and you can tell there is pain present, that’s when HerbAprin is indicated. Much like we would take aspirin for a headache. It is not meant for maintenance in most cases. It works very well with Inflapotion as it can take the edge off if they feel so good that they forget they have an issue and play too hard.

Pet Allergy Test

We have a new video (below) to help explain how to better understand your pets scan results:


Customer Testimonial!

We get love letters every day from our customers. We were so excited to get this one in from an appreciative customer in New Hampshire.
Rescue Dog Remedies

I have two rescue mutts , one has a broken hip when we got him at age 4 months and the other has pretty severe hip dysplasia.

I tried Rymadil on our broken hip dog and it somewhat worked but really gave his stomach some problems no matter what we tried. I started him on the HerbAprin and the results were immediate. It had been over a year and he is doing fantastic. I can't be happier and he is doing so well.

Our girl with the hip dysplasia we started about the same time on Rymadil. She tolerated it better but we switched her over to Inflapotion. Same as our boy, she responded right away and has been very happy with the inflapotion removing her pain from the hip issue.

I am so happy with Glacier Peak and your products and always tell all other dog owners I know about your products.

Thanks again,


If you have a testimonial to share we welcome to put your pet in the spotlight. Please send your pet's story and photos to