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Newsletter June 2019

June 2019


Ahhh June, the beloved keeper of the summer solstice.  Montana welcomes you with backpacks and hiking boots, swimsuits and kayaks, bonfires and laughter. Longer blue sky days allows us so many opportunities to plan fun-filled pet adventures. Krieger, Ellia and I could not be more ready.  How about you and your pets?
As much as we all love summer, it does come along with some things we need to be prepared for. Luckily June happens to be National Pet Preparedness Month, What do we need to get prepared for?  Warmer temperatures for one.  Every pet owner needs to be aware of how quickly the effects of heatstroke and overheating can happen.  Especially in a closed car.  Even open windows do not help enough to lower the temperature on a hot day.  Some signs of dehydration include:
  • Excessive panting
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea
  • Uncoordinated movement
  • Dryness of the mouth
  • Pale and tacky gums
  • Thick and tenacious saliva
  • In advanced dehydration cases the eyes are sunken and your dog exhibits signs of shock, including collapse
 Emergency treatment to cool the heatstroke dog must begin at once. A dog that is visibly dehydrated should receive immediate veterinary attention.
Make sure both you and your pet have access to shade and water when enjoying outside activities during hotter temperatures.  And don’t forget how blistering hot the pavement gets too. On extremely warm days avoid walking your pets on asphalt, tarmac and artificial grass.  If it’s too hot for your hands, it’s too hot for their feet. Natural grass is always the better choice.
GPH also has a brand new product for your 4 footed side kick.  It’s called Super Cleanse.  Made with ultrapure Clinoptilolite and Thorvin Kelp.  Our special Clinoptilolite comes from the purest mine in North America, and its benefits are immeasurable. Our Kelp comes from the coldest ocean on earth and is sourced in Iceland.  Every shipment has tested negative for any signs of radioactivity, which is so common with other kelps.  Together they create a perfect team for crazy good health.  The Clinoptilolite has amazing detoxifying properties, even eliminating glyphosates, which are so prevalent in today’s food chain. The kelp comes in with micro and macro nutrients, along with trace minerals, vitamins and a full array of amino acids.  They are the perfect couple.  In with the good and out with the bad. 
June 21st is the first day of summer.  The Summer solstice, is the perfect time to give your cat, dog or horse Peak Immune once a day for 10 days to help them adjust to the season change.  We have all sizes of Peak Immune powder and Peak Immune tincture on sale.  Love letters come in all the time on how Peak Immune has benefited our customer’s pets.  We’ve added a few of those love letters in this newsletter.
In the customer spotlight we are happy to share with you Little Bear Animalerie in Canada.  Charles Altman is the owner and has been with the GPH Team for many years now. If you happen to be in Little Bear’s neighborhood, make sure to stop by and say hello.
On behalf of the entire GPH Team may the month of June bring you and your pets
an abundance of health and happiness.
Chow for Now,
Debe, Krieger and Ellia
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As the seasons change, so do the bodies of every animal on the planet. Season Change is the perfect time to give a little extra support to our immune systems. After all, we work them pretty hard with the current environmental and food toxicities that we just can't get away from. A healthy immune system helps them ward off parasite overload and keeps them strong for work or play. 

Peak Immune helps you give them the best of health for every season. 

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Customer Testimonials
The BEST part of the GPH team's day
is receiving love letters.
 It just gets better when pet parents send in photos !

Meet Maggie

This is Maggie. She is an Australian Cattle Dog, who'll be 7 in March. 

I've used your HerbAprin since I got her 5 years ago as she was frequently spraining an elbow or wrist. It is always very helpful and resolves her injury. This breed - in particular this dog - is extremely active, running,  jumping, and working with me.

I started her on Peak Immune a few years back at the transition from one season to another. At her last vet appointment we discovered she'd been exposed to tick born disease. I am giving her the Peak Immune monthly now to strengthen her immune system against the tick exposure. I've also treated her with homeopathic remedy (ledum palustre).  So far, she is doing fine. 

We love your products and I am always recommending you to friends

Original Review:
SAFE, EFFECTIVE SUPPORTI have Peak Immune for my cattle dog for several years. It supports healthy seasonal transitions and offers overall immune strengthening. I'm so very glad I discovered this product. Daniel C



Meet Forever!!!


My horse has had chronic respiratory issues for 10 years and nothing has helped to clear it up including allergy shots. Peak Immune along with a couple of other products that Glacier Peak suggested for a detox and immune system building protocol have been phenomenal! Respiratory symptoms have cleared up! Nobody at my barn can believe it. Thank you!!!!


Meet Wednesday Kitty!!!

Bought Peak Immune to give our girl who has lifelong affects from a virus she had as a shelter kitty. Whenever she has a flare, she develops stomatitis like inflammation of her gums. Gave this to her for 10 days, and her gums cleared up and she’s eating well again! Great stuff! 


Retail Store Spotlight

Little Bear Online | Animalerie Little Bear

Little Bear to many, Chuck Altman is an animal lover, devoted family man, owner operator, & bon-vivant. Life is short, do something you love! The atmosphere is special, more local barber shop than retail store. If you’ve ever walked into Little Bear over the years, you can feel it, especially when you are greeted by Chuck’s huge smile and friendly attitude. Chuck loves what he does, and it shows. What other business owner gets down on the floor to; play, love, tease and treat the dogs that come and visit the shop daily? Not only is Little Bearfull of amazing products for your pets, the staff are second to none; friendly and knowledgeable! No question is too silly and no puppy is too stinky for them! What a wonderful atmosphere, it’s no wonder many customers come back and visit the store even after their pets have passed or they’ve moved away….. 
Little Bear is also very involved in community, sponsoring a local softball team, donating to shelters, and raising money for pet, and non-pet related charities.


If you are in the Westmount area, be sure to stop by
Little Bear 
Location:  4152 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, ,Westmount, QC, H3Z 1P4,
and say hello!

Why did you open an Independent Pet Store? Is it something you always wanted to do?
I didn’t - Pet Stores sell pets, we’re a pet supply store, we don’t sell pets, just what’s best for them. Anyways now that we’ve got the semantics out of the way. This was my part time job when I went to university. I liked working with pet guardians (guardians, because you can’t own another life) so much that I bought the business

All my job prospects were elsewhere, the economy wasn’t booming here in Montreal in 2002, so I decided to buy the shop until I figured out what I wanted to do when I grew up. That was 17 years ago. I still haven’t grown up.

What do you feel is unique about your store?
Me - and my staff
We care, not just about the health of your pet, but about you too
Walk-in freezer, & 11 retail freezers, we’re serious about nutrition, we’re an ingredient driven store, but all seriousness aside, it’s also a fun atmosphere, we love what we do, and we hope it shows.

What seems to be the main concerns of the pet parents that walk into your store?
Are the products they want in stock? Can we deliver them in a timely manner? Do we have time to help them? 
We’re not vets, so we cannot diagnose illnesses or sell medication, but we can help them find the supplements they’re looking for, or we can help them avoid ingredients that aren’t beneficial

Do you have a success story or stories to share about how the GPH Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan has helped a dog or cat get back into balance?
We’ve had literally 100's of success stories. The Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan helps us to give the guardian a road map to navigate the potential stresses or triggers in their pets’ day to day lives. Otherwise, trying to figure out which ingredients are bother their pets, it’s like throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks.



Do you work with any local animal charities?
Yes, Gerdy’s Rescue and Adoptions, Sophie’s, rosie’s, SPCA de l”ouest, Au répit de la montagne, SPCASPCA monteregie, as well as some other non-animal charities like Chron’s and colitis, JDF, Yaldei, to name a few.

What are your plans for the future?
Keep offering the best variety at competitive prices.