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Newsletter - November 2016

Glacier Peak Holistics News
Volume III, Issue XI ~ November 2016 Glacier Peak Holistics Herbal Remedies
Making Miracles Happen... Naturally!

Happy ThanksgivingMessage from the Pack Leader:

Welcome to November...

This month is going to be so exciting! We are highlighting ‘Wellness’ this month with our Daily Defense on special. On a daily basis, animals are fending off all manner of toxins, from herbicides and pesticides to parasites. Daily Defense was designed to help them live cleaner, healthier lives. If you don’t yet know about the special effects of Daily Defense, we use herbs that are known to help detoxify the liver and kidneys, boost the immune system and fortify the thyroid. All major components of great health. We also add in diatomaceous earth to help eliminate re-infestations of parasites in the intestinal tract. After the first of the year we will also be adding probiotics to this formula so it really will be a true “Daily Defense”. It gets a blue ribbon in the ‘Wellness’ department. Just read the story below from Kat Hole in Canada about her 2 Labradors. Her fur-babies are working dogs that have improved health using Daily Defense, and this month it’s 25% off!

Our new website is coming along nicely and we are looking for an end of the year launch. It’s so exciting to be using actual customer photos of dogs, cats and horses that use our products and live better lives. If you have a high resolution photo you’d like to see on our new site, please send it to info@glacierpeakholistics.com along with names and we’ll do our best to use them. Thank you to all who have already sent photos in.

I have a new project for the next couple of months. Next month’s newsletter will feature the progress of an Arabian yearling in my care for rehab. He’s a very special boy who took a very nasty fall and is a perfect candidate for our products. Look to December’s newsletter for the complete story and photos.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and we hope you have a wonderful month.
~ Happy Tails ~
Deb, Ellia and Krieger

Daily Defense Product Spotlight

Why Daily Defense… Daily?

Daily DefenseDaily Defense is loaded with herbs that can benefit dogs, cats and horses… every day. On a daily basis they are inundated with toxins, parasites, and unhealthy food. To help detoxify the herbicides and pesticides, we use Dandelion and Nettles to help gently clean out the liver and kidneys. We also help to build the immune system with Astragalus and garlic.

Barley grass and Alfalfa are rich in organic vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants. Adding barley grass is new to Daily Defense. It also helps with detoxification and immune system boosting, as well as PH balance with helps to maintain healthy skin. It has been shown to help with ulcerative colitis as well. We think it was a great addition as it is known to have multidimensional benefits.

The thyroid is also at risk daily due to these issues, so we add sea vegetables, rich in natural iodine to help nourish it.

Parasites are also a problem with all animals. Diatomaceous Earth has been shown to coat the exoskeleton of parasites, causing them to suffocate and die. Because of this, Daily Defense given on a daily basis can help eliminate the re-occurrence of parasite overload.

Starting in 2017 we will also be adding probiotics to this already great formula, thus eliminating the need to add more. We are all about making it easy, so with this new formula and GPH Paw-Gest enzymes for your dogs and cats, you’ll be all set to watch them blossom right before your eyes.

Daily Defense is without a doubt the best daily nutritional you can buy, and, it’s about to get even better!

Daily Defense Directions

Kat Hole - Customer Spotlight

If you would like to share your wellness story with other pet parents, pet store owners and a growing list of vets, please contact us as we would love to feature you and your fur babies in our Spotlight!

Kat Hole from Canada

Our Labradors are both 11 and running around like pups because of Glacier Peak Daily Defense and diet change.

Labs from Canada

Trigger (our yellow) and Coral (our chocolate) 

I met Debe a few years ago and asked her what to do about our yellow Labrador’s itchy skin (Trigger). She suggested I send in the hair and saliva for testing, which we did and we haven’t looked back. We switched both of them to raw Elk and feed them Daily Defense on their food once a day.

Because they are happy hunting dogs, hunting season was always “sore” season.

The season before we made the change, our dogs couldn’t climb the steps to our Turret in the house because of their sore shoulders. Since change their diet and putting them on Daily Defense, they don’t seem to get sore at all (they definitely get tired - And happy) and have the energy of dogs half their age.

Our yellow Labrador especially has so much energy, we have trouble keeping up (on the ATV) with him on walks around our property.

I also think it's worth mentioning - Trigger broke his ankle when he was 2 and this spring had a TPLO done on his knee. The vet could not believe how fast he recovered. Instead of 16 weeks 11 weeks.

Coral has had both knees done.

Thank-you to Debe and her team!
I recommend all their products for any type of animal.

Kat Hole

Good Dog - Retailer Spotlight

This month we are featuring Pam Nordby of "GoodDog" in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. We hope you enjoy Pam's story, and if you live close, please stop by her store and say "Hi."

Good Dog - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

GPH: Why did you open up an Independent Pet Store? Is it something you always wanted to do?

I retired from our local school district as an elementary school secretary. There was a store that I would frequent that I got my chew bones from. I didn't know the difference between big box and independent store. The owner was not made for retail, but she was an amazing researcher. She only carried the best foods and treats. She wanted me to come to work for her part time... which I was very reluctant to do as I had just retired! But I did it anyway. I learned much under her teachings. The time came when she decided to close up. I was horrified that there would not be an independent store in my area.... so I bought her inventory and started my own. That was almost 7 years ago. Being independent means that we can hire who we want and bring in whatever we want. No corporate choices! No regrets.

GPH: What do you feel is unique about your store?

Our store is unique because of the passion that is our staff. Each person is an animal lover and is passionate about healing with food choices, treat choices, holistic healing options, and the mere love of dogs and cats. They get educational opportunities and they jump at them. They want to know more. They want to see happy, healthy pets for not only themselves, but for all. When you come to the store, you will find helpful people...they may not know your name, but they most likely will know your pet's name! They are smart, compassionate, loving people. We are lucky to have 100 % fabulous going on in our store!

GPH: What seems to be the main concerns of the pet parents that walk into your store?

Allergies or allergic type symptoms. Second to that, weight issues...which can usually be solved with the food!

GPH: Do you have a success story to share about how the GPH Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan and/or products have helped a dog or cat get back into balance?

We have SOOO many success stories with GPH Life Stress Scans. We have a file on the computer with all the tests within. We can easily pull up any test if the human wants to make some changes. We can advise or suggest changes. I am in the middle of making changes with my own dogs. I have one dog that is a mess...so I have LOTS of sympathy. She is an ongoing project! After her first test and changes, her 'symptons' lightened quite a bit. My 2nd dog, who has never had issues, just started having problems. We are instituting a new food policy here and are already seeing improvements.

GPH: Do you have a Holistic Vet that you refer people to if needed?

Yes, we do! We have two that are excellent. Both are passionate about food and doing the best for your pets. Between the two, we have great nutrition advice, acupuncture, lasering, massage therapy, and great holistic healing techniques.

GPH: Do you work with any local animal charities?

We work with a lot of rescues. We like to work with some of the smaller rescues that help a little more help. We also work with a group that has a thrift store that offers goods, but also a community of people who may need a little help with pet food occasionally (that's where we come in).

GPH: What are your plans for the future?

First and foremost, keeping a good look at our own business. We don't care what others are doing. We pay attention to OUR service and products. We would like to add a 2nd link in our chain, but want to make sure it can be as successful as the first store. By successful, we want to make sure that the health and welfare of the pet comes FIRST! We all must make money so that we can expand and improve, but we never want to lose the reason for being here. We are happy to have customers that will drive a hundred miles to get their food... maybe they come for more. We love our customers and know that it is because of our good customers that we can open our doors everyday... pay our vendors.. pay our amazing employees. We count our blessings every day!!!

Good Dog - Pam NordbyThe GoodDog Team - Krister, Emily, Nicole, Liz, Tiffany, Jake, Janet

Pam Nordby, Owner

We sincerely thank Pam for taking the time to answer these questions and share her story with all of us. ~ the GPH Pack