Gia Wellness Home Harmonizer


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The GIA line of "Inspired Energy" products are designed to address the effects of daily stressors, including electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, computers, and other corded and wireless devices. Using Energy Resonance Technology (ERT), GIA Wellness has revolutionized the way biofield-reinforcing frequencies are utilized by the body.

We are now offering a selection of products from the terraGIA line that can benefit your pets, protecting them from EMFs in your home, vehicle, and in their general environment.

The Home Harmonizer is the most advanced way to create an energetically harmonious environment in your home or office. Simply plug it in to a centrally located wall socket or power strip.

How to Use:

The Harmonizer is designed to neutralize the stressing effects of the electric current in the circuit in which it is plugged into, so choosing a centrally located socket is ideal. The Harmonizer has a balancing, yet invigorating effect, so if there is a room where you and your pet spend lots of time, it is suggested you designate a Harmonizer for use in that specific room.

The Harmonizer covers a 60-foot radius and uses no electricity. It is best used together with the GIA Universal Guards attached to televisions, microwaves, computers, wireless routers, refrigerators, and other household appliances and home office equipment that emit EMFs.

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