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Gut Health Bundle for pets


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Gut Health is a very important role in your pet's health. So we bundled Pawgest  and Love Bugs by Adored Beast. 10% off savings when purchased together! Price includes discount, no coupon code needed.

Pawgest is high in the enzyme amylase, which is responsible for breaking down starches in the diet (root veggies, etc). It can help in eliminating the yeast infections in dogs that can happen with yeast overgrowth.  The undigested starches create a perfect world for yeast to grow and eventually leak into the bloodstream.  This can ultimately cause itchy ears in dogs, chronic yeast infection in dogs and the itchy paws it can create.

Love Bugs is 14 strain full spectrum probiotic, which can eliminate the overgrowth of some strains and cause an imbalance in the gut flora.  Healthy gut flora is the first line of defense for a healthy pet.