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Gut Soothe by Adored Beast - for leaky gut in dogs and cats


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A soothing herbal Anti-inflammatory for leaky gut in dogs and cats. A proprietary blend of herbs and pre & probiotics that soothe and replenish the lining of the bowel, fight yeast and combat unhealthy bacteria. Can be used to re-balance gut flora and target GI issues such as burping, regurgitation, soft stools, vomiting, IBD, hairballs, etc. With 30 billion cfu wide-spectrum probiotic. 1.8 oz jar.  Gut Soothe is very helpful for any conditions of the bladder, intestine, lungs, nasal cavity ( flat-faced dogs = boxer, pug, etc.)


Directions: Add dose per dog’s weight to food once per day.
1-5 lbs 1/4 tsp
6-15 lbs 1/2 tsp
16-39 lbs 3/4 tsp
40-59 lbs 1 tsp
60-89 lbs 1.5 tsp
90+ lbs 2 tsp

In chronic cases where symptoms do not begin to improve within 10 days, it is best to consult your veterinarian.

used for constipation
used for GI irritation
Marshmallow Root
similar benefits to slippery elm

L-Glutamine Amino Acid
promotes digestive health
promotes brain health
promotes muscle growth
fights cancer
helps with high blood sugar
acts as a band-aid to prevent further damage
balances mucous production

N-Acetylglucosamine (fermented cornstarch)
found naturally in the mucous membranes of digestive, urinary and respiratory tracts
helps support the production of glycoproteins
supports the structural integrity of respiratory tract, digestive tract and urinary tract
protects against invading organisms

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