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Our Wave Rider can eliminate the effects caused by EMF's up to 30 feet in all directions.  Read on to see what those effects can do.

Our advances in technology have afflicted us with a new health hazard and one that promises only to grow in the coming years.

Many of you are unaware of this, but it is time you knew what it was.

This knowledge is meant to inform and educate you about something we consider an emerging health risk, not to scare you in any way, we just want you to know the truth.

What if we told you that there’s a completely invisible emerging threat that could be harming you and your children daily leading to a host of chronic conditions including:

  • Lack of concentration and focus
  • Loss of short term memory
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Increased rates of suicide
  • Increased instance of autoimmune disease
  • Weakened immune system

And much much more

We are exposed to every single day and ever since the beginning of information being transmitted, our exposure has been growing.

Not only that, with the coming of age of the technological revolution we’ve been bombarded… day in and day out.

And what if we told you that many now believe it’s #1 entity that you’re NOT thinking of that could be affecting your health and the health of your family?

What is this problem? 

Electromagnetic Frequencies/Radiation, aka EMFs

And EMFs are absolutely everywhere.

From your microwave, to your laptop, your tablet to your cellphone, our modern lives are permeated by something we can’t see, taste or feel and yet could be putting your health at risk as well as that of children and pets.

We're about to reveal to you why this potential threat has jumped to the top of our list of growing health concerns in our modern society, why this man-made electronic “noise” is so bad for our bodies… and exactly what you can do to reduce or eliminate your own exposure, your childeren and your pets.

All wireless communication technologies use RF/microwave radiation, designated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a Group 2B carcinogen.  A team of 31 scientists from 14 countries approved that designation in 2011 and yet most people do not know about it. IARC states that wireless radiation is received by all living bodies as electromagnetic currents and creates "hotspots" throughout the flesh. Scientists from ten European nations used cell phone microwave frequencies to induce severe damage in human blood cells identical to that produced by ionizing nuclear radiation….. in 2017, the Wireless Radiation Industry announced that another 300,0000 new microwave antenna installations were coming to America.

  “Electrosmog” the next wave of human pollution…





First things first… let’s start with a question.

Are you “electro-sensitive?”

A lot of people are, as a matter of fact 3% - 8% of the world with more people becoming affected daily. EMFs in their natural state are a natural part of the earth’s electromagnetic core and everything on earth is exposed to them. The natural spectrum does not have any effect on the human body.

The situation became worse when we started tampering with electronics and technology that we started to disrupt the pattern… literally.

That’s why certain people can almost feel when an electronic device is on or active.

Over the last 100 years or so we’ve filled in MOST of the electromagnetic frequencies with our man-made waves that, as you’ll soon find out, can have some serious effects on us as human beings.

Dr. Michael Persinger, PhD, a practicing neuroscientist at Laurentian University puts it like this:                                                “For the first time in our evolutionary history, we have generated an entire secondary, virtual, densely complex environment — an electromagnetic soup — that essentially overlaps the human nervous system”

So why are man-made EMFs so different (and harmful?)

Let’s break that down a little bit so we can understand it more.

Our nervous systems are made up of electric impulses. From brainwaves to heartbeats to our central nervous system, we use electricity and electronic frequencies inside our bodies every minute of every day.

The fact is, we’re kind of “electric” when you think about it.

The problem comes when we’re bombarded by man-made waves and frequencies.

Natural electromagnetic frequencies are varied and random, think of them like the “white noise” on an old TV set with no reception.

Man made frequencies, on the other hand, are made in very tight, very repetitive and very consistent waves, check out the chart below for it to really hit home.

Enter Dr. Howard Fisher, world renowned lecturer and author of 19 books to date.  The following is what he says about this issue:

Dr. Howard Fisher, author of five books on the topic of electromagnetic radiation warns us “Right now, 3% to 8% of the global population is electro-sensitive and with the amount continuous electromagnetic radiation affecting every man, woman, animal and plant, the number will grow and the effects will become obvious over time.  The world cannot afford to wait.”

And as I started to hear more and more about how EMFs could potentially be harming me and my family, I took note.

I would never have considered electronics or EMFs to even be REMOTELY to blame for extra stress, headaches, and brain fog, but the more I learned about them, the more I started to be suspicious about just how dense this electrosmog was in my home right now. 

If you started adding it up…

Cell phones – (many in every household)

TV’s  - one in the living room, bedroom, rec room

Radios – kitchen, bedroom

Microwave in the kitchen (along with a refrigerator, freezer and about 10 other appliances, all of which have some kind of electric motor)


All laptops… meters,
Tablets and game consoles…

    The list just kept growing.

    If what we are learning about EMFs was even partially true, we needed to go and find a real solution to this electronic pollution!

    Science proves it…

    Once you start researching EMFs you will be shocked when you find out how long we’ve “known” that they could be a potential health hazard.

    One of the first known studies took place all the way back in 1955, When scientist Ivan Abrikosov, started measuring the effects of EMF on organisms and documenting his findings, and reporting the results!

    From that time literally THOUSANDS of scientists and researchers have studied the effects of all different kinds of frequencies on the human body, from microwaves to low frequency emissions (like the ones that come from your cellphone) and the results have been well documented.

    ...From a recent study in Sweden that tracked teens showing a 5 TIMES greater risk of getting brain cancer as an adult with heavy cellphone use…

    ...To another recent study that showed that even very low frequency signals can greatly increase your risk of thyroid cancer, uterine cancer and melanoma.

    A major study from the Bioinitiative Working Group — a 650 page report showcasing more than 2000 full studies on the toxic effects of EMFs from all possible sources.

    According to the Bioinitiative working group, "The relationship between radiofrequency radiation and cancer is clearly established....Testing on rats is standard for predicting human cancers....The NTP results confirm that cell phone radiation exposure levels within currently allowable safety limits are the 'likely cause' of  brain and heart cancer in these animals....The animal study confirms prior findings in epidemiological studies of an increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma among people that use wireless phones, both cell phones and cordless phones (DECT)....The NTP has filled the gap....It is sufficient to reclassify cell phone radiation as a known cancer-causing agent and confirms the inadequacy of existing public safety limits."



    Their findings are all consistent with the other research in this field that adds up to a largely unknown, invisible, but very real health risk for human beings.

    From autoimmune disorders, to brain cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s and much more, it is obvious that EMFs could play a role in many of our most common modern-day diseases by preventing our cells from taking in nutrients and expelling toxins properly!

    If you look deeper into EMF hazards, you will realize that the U.S. Military have been aware of this issue for a long time and has been diligently researching a key component to the solution. 

    They have known about the potential harm of EMF on humans close to fifty years.  As far back as 1971/72 Dr. Zorach R. Glaser published a bibliography that provided more than 2,300 references on the bioeffects of RF/MW radiation. At that time, he worked for the US Navy and he later worked for NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and the Food and Drug Administration. During the years he has accumulated more than 6,000 documents in this field that include research from eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, from the US Military, and from the US government, documents that have had limited distribution.  One might assume that is the reason that in the mid 1980s the U.S. Military realized there was a problem.  Some of their more advanced communication technology was starting to emit much higher levels of EMF and EMR and doctors and researchers inside the military worried about the effects on the troops.

    In 1986, they did a study to discover the long-term effects of EMF exposure on human bodies and what they found shocked them. There was clear evidence that increased exposure to EMFs could lead to weaker cells and specifically their trigger response. The result of that study alone was a brand-new field called “noise field technology.”

    Their scientists found that by overlaying a random field like a blanket over the EMF wave, it cancels out the EMF disruption and the biological effects are eliminated.

    Think of it like this...

    You’ve been to a rock concert, right? You know that horrible squelch noise that happens when they get too much feedback in the sound system?                            Of course you do. That’s called a “feedback loop” and it will get louder and louder… until you get rid of that offending frequency (usually by moving frequencies on the mixing board).

    EMFs react the same way when this “blanket” of random “noise” is applied to them. It effectively turns them off the same way you would dial back the noise in a concert hall or arena!

    This brings us to, of all places, St. Petersburg Russia and the work of a Dr. Igor Smirnov.          Dr. Smirnov has a degree in nuclear engineering from St. Petersburg Naval Academy, plus MS degrees in not only mechanical engineering but also bioengineering and has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from St. Petersburg State University. 

    Let’s put it this way, he’s a really… really brilliant guy and an amazing scientist.

    He’s most well known for his Molecular Resonance Effect Technology or MRET for short. It’s a resonance based technology focused on helping heal and restore the body to maintain optimal health in order to best combat cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and more……

    But his main focus these days is on the effects of low-frequency electromagnetic oscillations on human cells.

    Sound familiar?

    Little did I know that Dr. Smirnov had already discovered and patented the solution I’d been looking for to protect myself and my family from this harmful EMF radiation!

    When you think about it, with the number of natural EMFs that our bodies are exposed to in our lifetime, we “should” be able to adapt…

    However, in this day and age, we’re exposed to more electromagnetic radiation in our environment and in our daily lives that at any other time in human history.

    And the sad truth is, it’s not going to get any better, as you read about earlier, they are installing another 300,000 cell phone antennas and the world currently has 6,000,000,000 cell phones in use. The march for new electronic technology isn’t going to stop any time soon, and you’d be hard pressed to take away all our “modern conveniences” that we’ve become so attached (addicted!) to!  Further what most people do not realize, it is not the cell phones that people carry, but the information that is being transmitted to them that goes through, brick, steel, wood and ….. people!!

    So it’s up to us to find a real solution.

    Once you understand the magnitude of the situation, you realize that in order to be healthy you have to do something about it.It’s little wonder that we’re only just starting to scratch the surface at what consequences our rapid technological growth is having on our health!

    There are several ways you can naturally reduce your exposure to daily electromagnetic radiation:

    • Turn off your cellphone at night (especially the wifi!)
    • Unplug or turn off your Wi-Fi router when not in use
    • Don’t use a microwave
    • Don’t sit with your laptop on your lap
    • Use earbuds for your phone and keep it away from your head

    These are just some easy, no cost, common sense things you can do to protect yourself right now.

    Every small thing you can do to reduce your daily exposure is bound to be a good thing for your body.

    But Dr. Smirnov had something incredibly special up his sleeve that you may not believe even when you see it… a noise field generator that protected the area where it was operating for 30 feet in every direction.

    Here’s how it works and what you can do about it.....

    read this...


    We are aware that waves have the potential to affect the body and we can reduce it to very simple terms.  All waves that are perceived by the body are capable of causing inflammation and damage but only if the body can detect them.  Imagine a loud whistle that is blown loudly beside your ear.  Three things will occur:

    1) the noise will actually cause pain   

    2) there will be a subsequent inflammatory response to this stimulus                           

    3) there may be neurological damage

    Now imagine if that whistle was a ‘dog’ whistle.  The wave form is still created but there will be no perception by the body since that frequency is not detected.  Also there will be no pain, no inflammation and no neurological damage.  That is the cloaking effect created by a noise field as it adheres to the ambient potentially damaging stimulus (radiation) and creates a new wave that is not detected physiologically.  The closest analogy can be found in what we once believed to be science fiction (image to the right is sci-fi cloaking of a space ship) but now know to be true with stealth technology...a cloaking device that uses wave forms to mask sensory or technological detection. 

                   A                                      B                                     C

    1. Information carrying signal in wireless communication. The constant repetitive pattern triggers biological protective   responses and these protective responses lead to disease
    2. Random ELF or “noise field” - Random fields do not induce protective biological responses and cell shut down as they are not identified as harmful at a cellular level.
    3. The “Protection-effect” or cloaking effect- Superimposing a random noise field on a bio-effecting field creates a new wave that mitigates the induced  (and damaging) biological effects resulting in the elimination of the protective response.

    Noise fields cloak the individual and eliminate physiological effects.  However, one must consider the involved mechanism and realize that if the wave form is not changed then the resulting effects are due to changes in physiological perception at the cellular level.  Below you can see a blood cell that was exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  The control image on the left demonstrates no DNA damage while the image in the middle shows the DNA breaks caused by EMR.  A noise field was used on the image on the right along with EMR exposure and there was no DNA damage. (Courtesy Lai & Singh 1995)

    This is the real anti-aging breakthrough 
    you need to know about now!


    This is what the WaveRider®  does! Protect yourself and your family!


    WAVERIDER® :  MRET RESEARCH AND VALIDATION                                                                  A Russian-born scientist, Dr. Igor Smirnov, solved the problem by creating the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) that used ambient radiation to generate a noise field masking the damaging radiation and eliminating a physiological response.  He created the portable polymer noise field. MRET was granted multiple patents by the United States patent no. 6369399 B1 "Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Material and Device", US Patent no. 8044376 “Devices and methods for protection against exposure” Patent no. 8445879 B2 Compositions for protection against electromagnetic radiation, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Since then, the technology has been recognized world-wide. Noise Field Technology has been researched and validated in leading medical centers, universities and laboratories around the world.

    • University of Washington (Seattle)
      •Catholic University of America
      •University of Western Ontario (Canada) 
      •Columbia University 
      •Aarhus University (Denmark) 
      •SI Biomedical Instrumentation Co., San Diego, USA 
      •University of Toronto, Canada 
      •Tex Chu Corp. Laboratory, Taipei, Taiwan 
      •Research Institute for Applied Bioenergetics, USA 
      •RF Exposure Laboratory, USA 
      •Elsys Scientific Corp., S. Petersburg, Russia 
      •Elixir Health Ltd., Singapore

    So here’s the thing.

    You’ve found out all about EMFs today and we’ve even discussed some ways you can try and naturally reduce your exposure to them.

    You’ve read about the dangers, the increased risk of autoimmune disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions…

    You understand that the problem is only going to get worse, and not better, as technology continues to push forward…

    But what if I told you there was an easy way for you to keep your technology, use it, embrace it and STILL protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF?

    It exists. And it’s called The WaveRider® 

    What is it?

    The WaveRider® is an “anti-EMF” device that sits quietly in the corner of your home and keeps this harmful radiation at bay.

    It’s a device developed from that very same “noise field technology” that the U.S. Military invented and has been patented by Dr. Igor Smirnov into a brand-new device that he’s created.

    And what it does is pretty amazing.

    The WaveRider® mitigates the harmful effects of man-made EMR from all our devices and alters the pattern to mimic a more natural “white noise” type of wave that the human body can tolerate… without changing the actual structure of the EMF. WaveRider® can be placed in any art of your home or office environment and it provides a sanctuary of protection from electromagnetic radiation within a radius of 9 meters.

    That means your devices will still work normally, but you're reducing the amount of radiation your body absorbs.

    Other “anti-EMF” devices use either inert metals to supposedly “soak up” the radiation, or worse emit yet another “counter frequency” that projects a competing EMF wave into your home to try and balance the frequencies out.

    But the WaveRider®   uses the exact same noise field technology used by the military.

    Not only that, the WaveRider®  has been extensively tested (and certified) by independent research facilities in the U.S. like:

    • Nemko Global Services
    • Molecular Diagnostic Services
    • RF Exposure Lab LLC and…
    • Met Laboratories.

    Each of these testing facilities put the WaveRider®  through extensive testing, covering many frequencies of EMF.

    In one study, the WaveRider®  was able to reduce mobile phone radiation values by up to 40%.

    In short, the science that Dr. Smirnov used to create and build the WaveRider®  is rock-solid and proven by independent lab testing.

    And it’s the most advanced device of its kind on the planet.

    Surely I can just “turn things off” to reduce my risk…

    You can try.

    I’m not dissuading you from doing EVERYTHING you can to reduce your exposure to these harmful man-made EMFs… but you must understand that EMFs pass through most materials and are always present in the environment.

    But here’s the thing... you’ll never have full peace of mind knowing that you’re doing ALL you can to keep yourself and your family safe.

    You don’t have to get an advanced degree in electromagnetic theory, or even crack open the first book!

    You simply plug in your WaveRider®  and let it go to work doing its thing, while you relax, knowing you’re getting the most advanced noise and frequency reduction technology on the planet.

    WaveRider®  immediately covers a 9 meter radius of harmful EMF frequencies and gives you a “safe haven” to work and play. That’s 30 feet of protection in all directions.

    It’s like rolling back the clock 100 years, before we were inundated with EMF/EMR.


    So, how much will all this cost?

    The WaveRider®  sells right now in Europe and Asia for $1780 (USD).  

    At first it sounds expensive, but in my opinion it’s a great investment in your long-term health.

    And we are excited to bring this product to the world….

    Dr. Smirnov has put his years of research and expertise into creating the best technological solution to our EMR/EMR problem and the WaveRider®  is the answer.

    And now you have the opportunity to get one for yourself.


    But still, I realize that $1500 might seem like a lot...

    But let me ask you one, very important question…

    If the WaveRider®  reduced your brain cancer risk from excess cell phone and Wi-Fi use, would it be worth the investment?


    If you knew the WaveRider®  would eliminate costly medical bills down the road… would it be worth $1500?

    If the calming, ambient effect it provides could reduce insomnia, stress, and help you sleep better, would it be worth the price?

    If ALL the WaveRider®  did was give you peace of mind knowing that you were finally doing something to protect against all the EMF/EMR around us… would it be worth the price?                                                                        If so, keep reading because things are about to get interesting.

    WaveRider®  is the solution to one of the #1 emerging health concerns…

    Here’s the thing… now that you know the dangers of being hit with EMFs all day long, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you know you need to take action.

    When I found out about the WaveRider®  I knew it was something that could potentially change lives.

    Now you have the chance to get a WaveRider®  for yourself.

    I knew from what I had been hearing from researcher after researcher that EMF would soon be on the lips of health experts and doctors alike telling us all about this "new" threat.

    If you want to protect your family from potentially dangerous EMF, the WaveRider®  is the best and potentially only device on the market right now that can give you the peace of mind you truly need about EMF exposure.

    This is your chance to make sure you and your family are reducing the EMR in your home.

    Protect Yourself & Your Family Today!
    The Only Proven Patented Noise Field Generator In The World! 
    You deserve the BEST!

    To learn more check out Dr. Howard Fisher's book

    Please call to order your copy $20

     Please note: These units have a 2-3 year working shelf life.  If you have them in your office, we recommend that you turn them off while the office is closed.  At night in your home, turn off wifi and put cell phones on airplane mode to extend the life of your new Waverider. When it's ready to be replaced the blue light on top will turn red.

    Read more about the research here:    Smirnov Fischer Journal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



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