Horse Solutions

 Is your horse feeling a bit "off"?

We can help with the

  Equine Wellness Life Stress Scan

Much like the wildly popular (over 36,000 to date) Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan for dogs and cats, this scan uses Biofeedback technology specifically designed for horses to search for stressors in grasses, grains and environmental toxins.  The results will provide you with a road map to help get your horse...

~ Back into Balance ~

  We also  offer an alternative  pain  management  system that includes anti-inflammatory Inflapotion, HerbAprin for    discomfort and  relaxation  and Mountain Salve, an  external salve for minor cuts,  scrapes and  fungal rash.  It is our goal to  provide natural herbal  remedies to address  common health  concerns  and  maintain the overall health and  well-being of your  horse  without  compromising their longevity.  Mountain Salve is great for minor rashes,  scrapes and skin issues like "scratches" and  "girth itch".
 All  of our products are  made with 100% certified  organic herbs  in a GMP facility.  All  are completely  safe and natural when used as  directed.  As  natural herbivores, a  horse in the wild would seek out herbs  just  like these to instinctively maintain a constant state of  balance. 


We also provide non-herbal supplements like Colloidal Silver that is Ionically charged for its natural antibiotic qualities so they are better equipped to digest today's highly processed pet foods. We have sourced the purest Zeolite/Clinoptilolite

 mined on the North American continent, which has been scientifically proven to remove heavy metals and other dangerous toxins such as pesticides and herbicides, promote a balanced pH, enhance feed conversion and so much more.  Glacier Peak Gold is an amazing anti-fungal that works quickly on girth itch, scratches, rain rot, and so much more. Now available in a more economical 2 oz size. 15 drops up to 3 times per day is all you need.