Healthy Pets Make Happy Humans.

Pet supplements are often used to address specific health concerns or conditions, such as joint pain, digestive issues, skin and coat problems, anxiety, or immune system support.


We are dedicated to the health and wellness of your canine, feline, and equine companions. Each product in the Glacier Peak Holistics family has been crafted to support the health and well-being of your four footed friends and to ensure their best quality of life, without compromising longevity. With over 20 years experience working with herbs, homeopathics, and nutritionals, we've created exceptional products that will boost your pet's health and help relieve pain caused by injury, aging or disease. All of our products are handcrafted and manufactured in our facility, here in the beautiful mountains of Northwest Montana. 

We use only natural, 100% organic herbs, primarily sourced in the Northwest United States.  


Deb is a certified herbalist and herbal remedy formulator.  She has been designing herbal remedies for animals since 1996. Deb is also a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist. She shares her home with her adopted pound puppies, Ellia and  Krieger, and a little black kitty named Puma, and her Arabian, Sabah. Her angel dogs, Isabella and Koda, and beloved horses Sameh & Gracie, were the inspiration behind the GPH products we offer today.



Since I suffer from food and environmental allergies myself and have had no luck with easter or western science, I didn't think this would work. After thousands of dollars spent on different types of foods and my poor baby was still sick, I decided to try it. Also, I didn't want to use Cytopoint injections anymore since they were really just a bandaid. So I got this kit. Having the results have been magical. I have to make my own food for my standard poodle now...but that's okay because he's more happy and healthy. Thank you so much!

Rachel S

I am thrilled to share my experience with your Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan. The scan has transformed my dog Bee's health, who had been struggling with many different (and some strange) symptoms for a long time with no avail from various vets. However, this scan was a last resort that provided us with knowledge we didn’t know we needed. Ever since we identified her stressors (and avoided them), Bee has been flare-up free and hasn't needed to visit the vet. She's now healthy and happy, which is all that we could have hoped for.

After adopting our other dog, Martina from Harbin SHS Animal Rescue, I made it a priority to have her tested using the scan, and the knowledge has been so insightful. Martina has been thriving and I’m so happy we’ve set us all up for success. I recommend this test to everyone know.

Bryanna M

When I got the results of the allergy test I had already changed my pup’s dog food and just made minor adjustments to her diet. I bought the super cleanse thinking it would be a good next step to heal her from all the toxins in her old food. I did not anticipate after only two weeks the change in her coat, skin and behavior (about 80% less itching and discomfort). I have cancelled her monthly anti-itch injection 🤞🏻hoping to see a continued improvement

Debra C

My dog has allergies and the sprays the vets have had us use have made his paws painful, inflamed, pink, dry, and very rough and cracked. Not to mention they have not solved the problem. Within a few weeks of using the Mountain Salve his paws no longer hurt him and the pads are softening and less pink. He is also not licking them as much. I have stopped using the sprays and am only using the salve now. He has had this problem for two years and in this short time they are so much better. I am confident they will heal fully with a bit more time. I was told it was his grass allergy, but the grass has been dead for a while now. I am glad I decided to take a different approach. He is so much happier and so am I. I also decided after reading a comment on your website to try this on a cyst he has had for a couple years. I believe it is shrinking. So, I will continue to apply it there also. I am very glad I stumbled on this website.


I've been using GPH Products on my Dobermans for several years and I want to express my gratitude for these wonderful formulations. I've used Inflapotion and Herbal Aspirin on several of my dogs with great results for pain mediation and healing. I add  Daily Defense to my dogs' supper meals every day and I give them Peak Immune 4 times per year.  Recently, my 3 year old girl "Spanx" wasn't feeling up to par and a CBC revealed a very low white blood cell count. She was lethargic, depressed and losing her coat, and after several consultations and tests, a "specialty veterinary clinic" found nothing. I decided to try a combination of Glacier Gold and Parv RX from GPH and after a week, I began to notice an improvement in her energy level and attitude. She finished a 14 day protocol on the products and then I gave her a rest for 12 days while we traveled to 2 agility competitions. With the stress of traveling, training and competing, Spanx started to lapse back into lethargy/depression, and skin and coat issues. I put her on the same 14 day protocol of Glacier Gold and ParvRX and she rallied immediately and is still doing great! I am now doing a 10 day protocol of Peak Immune on both dogs, to give them a little extra help for the long, cold winter ahead. It's wonderful to have alternative treatments that don't have side effects or cause harm to my dogs. Thank you GPH!

Denise M

Amazing!!! Our Victorian Bulldog was scratching and licking constantly and his skin would turn red if he ate chicken. We eliminated chicken and grains from his diet but he was still scratching and itching. I found the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan when searching online and ordered it right away. When we received the results we found out how much he was allergic to and about a horrible yeast infection. We changed the diet according to the results and his issues cleared up quickly.


I've been using a combination of products from here and have seen dramatic improvements within a short period of time in my English bulldog's skin, fur, and overall health. Our pets are just as affected by drugs from big pharma, crap ingredients in pet food, and whatever other toxic substances they're exposed to that wrecks havoc on their systems. I can't say for certain which specific product is doing what, but all that I'm using together has truly been a game changer that not even other "natural" products has done like this, and especially pharmaceuticals certainly not doing anything beneficial whatsoever and is what got us in this mess to begin with. I found Glacier Peak Holistics by accident, and I'm only sorry I didn't know of them sooner, especially since they're in a town near where I grew up in, in Montana. They process and ship everything quickly and even the packaging is carefully and thoughtfully considered. To see these improvements in my baby boy in such a short amount of time has been such a relief when all hope seemed lost, really. Thank you so much for these miracle products because that is exactly what they are.


We just recently brought our ex-feral outdoor cat inside and noticed that her skin and coat was so dry, flaky and rough. She has gone through a lot, being exposed to the elements and lots of toxins outside. Before her grooming appointment, we decided to support her immune system and detox with Peak Immune and Super Cleanse. Within just a few days, we saw dramatic improvements to her skin and coat - so soft, healthy and silky! We couldn't believe it - it's like she was never an outdoor cat to begin with! Besides her being indoors now, these supplements were the only addition to her usual diet. Highly recommend this for an immune system support and health reboot.


I am blessed with two amazing Labs. One of my boys has a laundry list of allergies. After a serious bacterial infection I had to build him back up. I thought I was feeding all kinds of healthy foods: yogurt, eggs, salmon, green lipped mussels and even home made mashed potatoes. My boy was not thriving/gaining muscle back/increasing in energy. My local pet store suggested Glacier Peak's Stress Scan. The results were life changing. Everything that I was feeding was actually hurting my Lab and not helping him. The results changed the say I feed and completely improved the health of my Lab. I have just completed the test for a second time with results that will continue to help him. Thank you for your help, attention and answering my questions.

Rebecca C