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Peak Immune For Horses 2LB


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Peak Immune is used seasonally to supercharge your horses immune system. Crafted with 100% organic herbs, it is also perfect for working and performance horses or those participating in a heavy show schedule. 

Peak Immune can also be used for compromised immune systems. 

Recommended usage:
Peak Immune is given once a day for 10 consecutive days every three months.

For compromised immune systems, Peak Immune can be given for another ten days after a ten-day break (ie: 10 days on/10 days off/10 days on). Also available for Dogs and Cats.

1-2 Tablespoons once per day - scoop = 1 tablespoon

2 pound package contains approximately 160 servings (1TBSP)

Peak Immune is made with a proprietary blend of 100% organic herbs including Astragalus Root, Oatstraw green tops, Echinacea Angustifolia root, Siberian Ginseng Root, and Alfalfa herb.

In order to preserve freshness, keep closed in a cool, dry place and avoid excessive heat.  This product is not intended to cure or treat major disease, illness, or injury and is not a substitute for regular veterinary care.  Not for human consumption

Cautions: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. Not intended for animals under 12 weeks of age. If animals condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.

Warnings: For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Do not use if animal is allergic or sensitive to any ingredients. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health care professional immediately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Dawn Beyer
Peak Immune

I tried the peak immune for my cat who just came out of the vet with a very serious kidney issue . I put the recommended amount of drops mixed in with his food . He is doing great now and he doesn’t even notice the drops if I mix it in with his food . I highly recommend this product.

Hi Dawn, we are thrilled to hear your cat is doing well since introducing Peak Immune to his diet. We appreciate the feedback and support, thank you!

Amazing product!

We just recently brought our ex-feral outdoor cat inside and noticed that her skin and coat was so dry, flaky and rough. She has gone through a lot, being exposed to the elements and lots of toxins outside. Before her grooming appointment, we decided to support her immune system and detox with Peak Immune and Super Cleanse. Within just a few days, we saw dramatic improvements to her skin and coat - so soft, healthy and silky! We couldn't believe it - it's like she was never an outdoor cat to begin with! Besides her being indoors now, these supplements were the only addition to her usual diet. Highly recommend this for an immune system support and health reboot.

Hello Nurul! Wow, this is great news! We are thrilled to hear Peak Immune was able to help support your previously feral cat. She really hit the jackpot of a home!


I have an 11 mos old English bulldog that had MAJOR issues after receiving his last round of shots back in March or April. If anyone tells you vaccines don't cause harm or damage, they are LYING, as my innocent puppy is living proof of the harm he endured within HOURS of being administered them. He developed raging demodex skin infestation over about 50% of his body within a very short period of time and food/environmental allergies. The vet's regimen consisted of pharmaceuticals that would cause further damage. My dog was only 5 or 6 mos old at the time! A puppy! I was outraged and heartbroken for the agony my puppy was in and I had paid a fortune for my dog from a reputable breeder. I searched high and low to get him help and relief, tried various things, most which helped some, but not 100%. He's been on this product as well as a cbd oil from Dog's Naturally the last week and about two days ago I realized his demodex skin issue is nearly gone. GONE!! His coat is soft and full and bright and he is a beautiful bulldog boy. Only has a tiny patch of pink skin on the back of his neck from the demodex and that is nearly cleared up also. This product is one of the only things that has actually WORKED and I am in shock and awe at how quickly it has helped. I will NEVER be without this. Thank you so much for this and please don't ever alter or discontinue this gem! What you have here is priceless and you folks are all angels. Excellent customer service too. Thank you from Alaska!!

Hello Brigitte, thank you for taking the time to write us this amazing review, it made our day! We are grateful Peak Immune was able to provide your puppy some relief. Thank you for sharing your review with us and the community!

No More Sneezing

Our 2-year old Beagle woke up one day and couldn't stop sneezing. Living in Florida, something is blooming at one time or another yet he has never had such a reaction to the environment. He sneezed for 3 days until I phoned GPH for Peak Immune. As soon as it arrived, he was given a daily tincture in his food and within a few days, his sneezing stopped. What a relief! This is a great product. Thank you.

Hi C, thank you so much for your amazing review! We are glad that Peak Immune helped to stop your beagle from sneezing. We appreciate your continued support!

Peak Immune

Using Immune and Glacier Peak Gold has helped reduce our Ruby’s itching and scratching. She’s a happier puppy!

Hey Cheri! We are so happy to hear Ruby is feeling better! Thanks so much for your review!