Pawgest + ProBio Digestion Bundle
Pawgest + ProBio Digestion Bundle

Pawgest + ProBio Digestion Bundle

(For Cats and Dogs)

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Our top performing and recommended products are probiotics and digestive enzymes for dogs and cats.  We encourage pet owners to use them together, so we created a discounted product bundle just for you!

Receive a 2oz jar of each product at a discount when choosing them as a bundle.

ProBio Complete is our probiotic blend for dogs.  We use 13 separate strains of probiotics as well as Larch, which works as a pre-biotic and immune balancer.  This just means that the probiotics won't starve before they get to your pets tummy and beyond. Together they help to fend off dog ear infections, yeast overgrowth, and food sensitivities. They may even help with dog breath and tooth decay.  Each strain in this formula is carefully chosen and has a specific job. Probiotics are one of the most important supplements you can add to your pets diet.  

Pawgest Digestive Enzymes for Dogs & Cats works well with ProBio Complete.  Digestive enzymes are beneficial when feeding kibble or foods with starchy root vegetables due to the absence of the digestive enzyme amylase in the carnivore diet.  The lack of Amylase can sets the stage for yeast overgrowth in the intestinal system causing chronic ear and skin issues.  

 *This product cannot currently be shipped to Australia.

Customer Reviews

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Brenda Flaherty-Piper
Looking to help with allergies and inflammation

I like that GPH sells this as a set because that's how I use it. I started using the products for my papillon who excessively licks his front paws. He still licks his paws and I've changed his diet after the pet wellness scan. I did notice he licks his paws less than before. I appreciate any improvement.

Beverly Sunie
A sensible pairing for Gut Health

My dog has no problem injecting it but still a little early to see if it is working

Hi Beverly, thank you for sharing your feedback and glad to hear your pet is not phased by adding ProBio Complete and PawGest into their food.

So far so good!

So far I think it has been really helping my big boy Ronin who has chronic ear infections. I am about to order more!

Hi Jennifer, that is so great to hear! Chronic ear infections can sometimes be a sign of yeast over growth. Daily probiotics and digestive enzymes is a great place to start and we are so happy to hear it is helping Ronin. We also have Glacier Peak Gold and Peak Immune which specifically targets yeast issues. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

Excellent combo

I absolutely love everything about this company. This combo has made a big difference in my dog's food and bowel movements. My doggie seems to be digesting his food better, his BMs do not smell as bad either (not sure if that's one of the things that is supposed to happen but it seems to help!). I am forever grateful to this company for literally providing healing, life-changing products for my sweet boy. From completely knocking out demodex infestation in less than a week from over-vaccination that the vet told me was incurable, to a full, healthy coat and vibrant energy, to better food digestion, to helping minimize and/or nullify any vaccine side effects, these product's quality and efficacy are everything they say they are and more. I only wish I would've known about Glacier Peak products way sooner as I feel they would've helped heal and prolong the life of my last bulldog. I have two product requests also...a holistic, safe, but effective cleansing wipe for wrinkly faced dogs and moisturizer for very dry noses they get. I can't thank you enough for your amazing company, staff, and products.

Victor Cardamone
Not for me

Seems like a good quality product but does not work for my dogs.

Hi Victor, thank you for sharing this feedback with us. Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes are a great starting point for pets. However, depending on the individual pet and the symptoms you are trying to solve, they may require something different. I also see that a Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan was done on both Yoshi and Lina, 10 months ago. It may be time to test again and see if there have been any changes since then. We'd be happy to discuss the concerns you have with your pets to find some other options that might suit your pet's needs a little better. Please send us an email at, we look forward to helping you and your pets!


Glacier Peak Holistics has been committed to animal health and wellness for over two decades. We create natural remedies for dogs, cats and horses to give your pet a better quality of life without compromise. Our natural herbal formulas are made with 100%% organic herbs, always in small batches in our warehouse to ensure quality.



All three of my cats have the herpes virus the Peak Immune has helped keep their flair ups to a minimum! Highly recommend!"


Can't say enough about this Inflapotion product. Made such a difference on my old, broke horse that I put the rest of my horses on it. Arrived fast and super friendly customer service."


Ordering from Glacier Peak Holistics was such a pleasant experience. I spoke with a member of their customer service team a few times to help me choose the best remedy for our puppy. They were so kina,
caring, and helpful.

Alyssa McDuffie

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