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Glacier Peak Holistics

Glacier Peak Gold + Peak Immune

Glacier Peak Gold + Peak Immune

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This protocol combines two powerful products to help support the immune system while also fighting the itching, licking, biting, etc. caused by yeast. This bundle includes a 1oz bottle of Glacier Peak Gold, and a 2oz Peak Immune tincture.

Peak Immune is used seasonally to supercharge your dog's immune system. Crafted with 100% organic herbs, Peak Immune can also be used for compromised immune systems.

Glacier Peak Gold is our primary tool against dog yeast infection and fungus. This is a wonderful detoxifier, immune booster, and is helpful in eliminating the root causes of allergy symptoms such as dog itchy ears. 

Directions for use:

Use the dosing on the labels based on your pet's weight. Alternate the Glacier Peak Gold and Peak Immune in 10 day increments:

Give Glacier Peak Gold up to 3x a day for 10 days

Then give Peak Immune 1x day for 10 days
STOP Peak Immune

Repeat Glacier Peak Gold 2x a day for 10 days

Repeat Peak Immune 1x a day 10 days

 ***REST FOR 10 DAYS FROM BOTH products***

 Lastly, give Peak Immune 1x a day for 10 days

 You can continue to alternate between Glacier Peak Gold and Peak Immune until desired results are achieved.

This is basically over a 60 day period, including the 10 day break from both supplements.

Download a copy of the 60 day protocol instructions & product information handout - DOWNLOAD HERE

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