Bach Flower Remedies

Customized Bach Flower Remedies

for You & Your 4-Footed Friends 


In the early 1900's in England, Dr. Edward Bach  began teaching the world about the power of nature with our emotions. Glacier Peak Holistics takes that knowledge to a new level for your pets and you. With the DNA samples you send, a custom remedy will be made just for your pet. The blend usually contains 5-7 different flower remedies to make your pet's SPECIAL blend. Your kit will contain everything you need to collect the samples that will be returned to GPH.   

Because we never know what kinds of emotions have become "stuck" in our pets, these Custom Bach Flower Remedies will help to get your pet back into balance. Also, because companion animals are constantly taking on "our" emotions and struggles, this spray can help you too!

This Scan can open a window into your pets emotional blocks and with a custom blend, help them to push through those blocks. For issues like aggression, cowering, and insecurities, fear from fireworks and thunderstorms, past traumas or abuse and more. This is what "peace and harmony" can feel like.