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BioEnergetic Solutions


Now we offer protection from the damaging effects of cell phones and electronics,

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For you and the ones you love

If you've had an assessment done for your pet and the results came back with electronics sensitivity, we have the answer. From applications for your individual electronic devices to personally worn protection for both you and your pet, we've got you covered.

Here's how it works:
Giaplex™ combines the benefits of the patented noise field technology MRET™ (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology), and Gia's proprietary subtle energy technology ERT™ (Energy Resonance Technology). The combination of these two groundbreaking technologies offers an effective way to deal with the cumulative stress associated with living in today's electronic and wireless environment.*
This noise field technology is similar to what's used in our military, so our troops don't suffer the effects of the EMR in their radio helmets.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is emitted by cell phones, Bluetooth devices, and other electronics in the car, home and office. It has been linked to various stress-induced health issues. We subject ourselves and our pets to this overbearing external stressor every day. The Gia Cell Guard and Universal Guard utilize the proprietary GIAplex technology and actively work to neutralize the effects of exposure to harmful radiation, while supporting the body's resilience to stress the same time.*



  • Proprietary GIAplex dual-action technology, designed to neutralize the effects of electropollution exposure, as well as reinforce the body's natural resilience to it.




  • Effective on Cell Phones, Smart Phones and Bluetooth devices.


  • Convenient and affordable 
  • No maintenance requiredCan be attached to your dogs ID tag to assure their safety in our electronic world



The GIAlife™ pendant provides you and your pet with a calming, body-worn bioenergetic solution to help deal with everyday debilitating stress, including electromagenetic radiation (EMR). Stress acts as an age accelerator, and can also compromise both you and your pets health, immune system, and the body's natural resistance to negative influences. Experience for yourself the pendant's unique energy support qualities, which have already improved the quality of life for thousands of people across the world, and now our beloved pets can benefit too.*

By energetically entraining its groundbreaking "Inspired Energy" products with the proprietary Energy Resonance Technology (ERT), Gia Wellness has revolutionized the way biofield-reinforcing frequencies are utilized by the body's energy field. Through ERT, the body's natural biofield strength is optimized to a level where you can truly thrive energetically, even in the most stressful environments.*


  • Energetically optimized with ERT to reinforce your body's natural resilience to the effects of everyday stress
  • Supports natural energy, plus mental & physical performance-especially under pressure
  • Optimizes your capacity to perform in EMF/EMR -saturated environments

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