Clover & Raina (allergies, itching and ear infections)


Raina was a puppy rescue, found in the street in Portugal. From the moment we brought her home, she had a recurring ear infection, red rashy belly, and she was constantly itching and whining. We spent hundreds of dollars on raw dog food, grain free food, probiotic sprays, and even steroids. NOTHING helped. Finally, I got her a Pet Wellness Scan. At first, I was completely overwhelmed with the number of items she was sensitive to. Chicken was expected, but chickpeas, goat milk, potato & squash? Those were in every specialty food I was giving her! I took my results to our local pet store and they helped me find food that would meet her needs. Within 30 days her rash and ear infection were gone! We supplemented the diet change with a rotation of Glacier Peak Gold and Peak Immune tinctures to help with the yeast and strengthen her immune system. Raina is now a happy, healthy, rambunctious yearling puppy.