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Bach Rescue Remedy


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rescue remedy for pets
Rescue Remedy is the most famous of Dr. Bach's products, and is actually a blend of five individual flower remedies. Each flower essence targets a specific stress induced issue, allowing a calming influence to restore focus and manageability.

Often stress will cause behavioral issues in our pets that are just plain hard to deal with. They can become irrational and even dangerous when in this state, either hurting themselves or their handler. The Rescue Remedy is easy to use by putting two drops in the palm of your hand and then allowing your pet to inhale the fragrance for several minutes. You can also pre-dose by adding two drops to their food or water before a vet visit or a trip to the groomer or a show. Rescue Remedy for dogs has been a popular stress relief for many 4 legged friends.

You will receive the original formula plus an empty 2 ounce spray bottle that can be used to spray a fine mist. Fill the bottle with purified water and then add 10 drops of the Rescue Remedy. Replace the spray top and shake well before using.

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