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Glacier Peak Holistics

Glacier Peak Gold + Peak Immune

Glacier Peak Gold + Peak Immune

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Our Yeast Detox Protocol combines two powerful products to help support the immune system while also fighting the itching, licking, biting, etc. caused by yeast. This bundle includes a 1oz bottle of Glacier Peak Gold, and a 2oz Peak Immune tincture.

Peak Immune is used seasonally to supercharge your dog's immune system. Crafted with 100% organic herbs, Peak Immune can also be used for compromised immune systems.

Glacier Peak Gold is our primary tool against dog yeast infection and fungus. This is a wonderful detoxifier, immune booster, and is helpful in eliminating the root causes of allergy symptoms such as dog itchy ears. 

Directions for use:

Use the dosing on the labels based on your pet's weight. Alternate the Glacier Peak Gold and Peak Immune in 10 day increments:

Give Glacier Peak Gold 1x a day for 10 days

Then give Peak Immune 1x day for 10 days
STOP Peak Immune

Repeat Glacier Peak Gold 2x a day for 10 days

Repeat Peak Immune 1x a day 10 days

 ***REST FOR 10 DAYS FROM BOTH products***

 Lastly, give Peak Immune 1x a day for 10 days

You can continue to alternate between Glacier Peak Gold and Peak Immune until desired results are achieved.

This covers a 60 day period, including the 10 day break from both supplements.

Download a copy of the Yeast Detox Protocol instructions & product information handout - DOWNLOAD HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
60 day protocol

Currently on day 10 of the 60 day protocol. 10th day of glacier peak gold. Seems to be decreased paw licking at night. In satisfied so far and will continue the full 60 days

Sarah, thank you so much for your great review of Glacier Peak Gold + Peak Immune. We are glad you have noticed a decrease in your pet's nighttime paw licking and hope you continue to see improvement. We appreciate your feedback and support!

Great products and fast shipping

Very happy with the products I’ve purchased from Glacier Peak. Has helped my puppy with “the itch” and yeasty ears.

Awesome stuff

I've written a couple reviews for this company about a year ago and today I'm writing another for amazing results for my dog, yet again. Over a year ago, my boy had a major demodex mange after receiving his last round of puppy vaccines. I almost KNEW something was going to happen given the history with my previous bulldog experience, yet I went against that gut feeling and letting the vet guilt into it. I tried a number of things for several months with little to no success until stumbling upon Glacier Peak Holistics products. Within 7-10 days, the demodex was completely gone. Fast forward a year later, something recently caused this stuff to rear it's head again (I suspect a "healthy" food additive I tried), so I immediately began this duo for my sweet boy. It's been a bit more stubborn to treat, lasting about 3 weeks while taking these products, but today they are pretty much gone, his skin is not irritated, and his fur is soft and smooth. I've tried other brand's products for similar or other things and nothing comes close to the quality and efficacy of Glacier Peaks products, in my experience. We all have to be vigilant and cautious with our own selves and our animals with the food choices we get, pharmaceuticals/vaccines we allow, and products we use in our homes and yards. Even though this duo may not be specifically for demodex, whatever ingredients are in them certainly helped to boost his immune system and calm the inflammation and flare up. If it takes it a bit, just be patient and please give it a chance. I will never be without something from these guys and my only regret is I wish I would've known about them way sooner. I've raved about your items and shared your site with multiple friends/family around the country. Thank you so much for the exceptional products for our fur children.❤

Brigitte, thank you for your wonderful review of Glacier Peak Gold + Peak Immune. We are delighted that it aided in boosting his immune system and calming the inflammation and flare-up. We appreciate your support and wish you and your pup the best!

Diane Becker
Still hoping this works!

I am on my 2nd rotation of these products. I did notice improvements in both my dogs when on the GP Immune during our 1st rotation. Now that they are back on the GP Gold they seem to be doing a lot of scratching and licking. I do realize that sometimes these issues take time to be resolved.

Hey, Diane, Thank you for providing feedback on Glacier Peak Gold + Peak Immune. Some pets may take longer to improve; it all depends on the pet, their immune system, and the amount of yeast/candita overgrowth in the body. The licking and itchiness may be related to yeast/candida die-off. The herbs help your pets kill the candida, and once they die, the remnants try to get out in the easiest way possible. That is usually through the skin. Yeast and candida can be very frustrating to deal with and can take some time to get over. The yeast die-off can be worse on Glacier Peak Gold, so Peak Immune is there to support the immune system and help the yeast leave the body. To alleviate symptoms, you can reduce the number of days your pets spend on Glacier Peak Gold. For example, you can give it for 5 days and then switch to Peak Immune for 5 days. Just make sure the number of days is even when giving Glacier Peak Gold, Peak Immune, and the break. If you have any further questions, please email us at We are here for you and your pets. Thank you very much!

Laura B
GP Gold & Immune 40 Day Protocol

We completed the 10
Days of Gold and just started the 10 days of Immune. So far seeing some changes in skin (less flakes) and coat (thicker). Will Continue the full 40 Day protocol and pray it gives my babies some yeast relief. Thanks.

Thank you for your feedback on Glacier Peak Gold and Peak Immune, Laura. We appreciate your support!

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