GPH Board of Advisors

Glacier Peak Holistics is proud to introduce to you our Board of Advisors.  Comprised of some of the nations most revered holistic veterinarians, our Board of Advisors are on hand to assist GPH associates and our customers with questions best suited for a licensed veterinarian. Please click on their individual links to find out more about the services they may offer for your pet. Together, our #1 priority is to bring your pet back to balance!




Dr. Ruth Roberts - DVM, CVA, CVH, CVFT

Dr Ruth Roberts

The pioneer in pet health coaching and the visionary behind The Original Crock Pet Diet, Dr. Ruth has been a guiding light for thousands of dogs and cats on their path to wellness. With her natural approach to healing, she’s empowered pets to conquer formidable health challenges, from chronic kidney disease to GI illnesses, allergies, cancer, and beyond. Now, Dr. Ruth is taking her mission even further. She’s on a mission to democratize this knowledge, making it accessible to all pet parents. Her latest endeavor involves training and certifying Holistic Pet Health Coaches. These passionate individuals will work hand-in-paw with pet parents, offering holistic options and guidance on home-cooked food, all rooted in Dr. Ruth’s pioneering wisdom. Together, they are transforming the landscape of pet health, one pet at a time.





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Dr. Jyl Rubin - DVM, AAOT

Dr. Jyl Rubin has owned and operated a mobile and stationary boutique integrative veterinary practice since 1999. She is an entrepreneur who possesses a strong business ethic. Her passions are practicing veterinary medicine and educating the world about preventive and holistic care for animals of all species. Her veterinary practice offers medical ozone therapy, prolozone, acupuncture, blue light laser cold therapy, shock wave therapy, Digitherm, PEMF therapy, hyperthermia, Mistletoe therapy, Chinese herbal and food therapy.

 Dr. Jyl has been a veterinary news educator for over 25 years and has been featured on Animal Planet, Disney Radio, CBS, and Fox TV. In 2005, she founded Veterinary After Rescue Kare (VARK), a non-profit organization which provides unwanted animals of all species and breeds another chance at life by helping to fund their medical care through rescue organizations.

Dr. Jyl's Mobile Vet Connection 


Dr. Dennis Thomas - DVM, CVA

Dr. Thomas has been a small animal veterinarian for over forty years and has practiced from a holistic perspective for the past 27 years using Chinese medicine, natural remedies and food as medicine.  His book, Whole-Pet Healing was published by HayHouse Publications in 2015.  He currently does teleconference consultations with pet caretakers all over the world who are looking for natural options for their sick pet.

Talk to Dr. Thomas  tel: 509-214-2676