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I've been using GPH Products on my Dobermans for several years and I want to express my gratitude for these wonderful formulations. I've used Inflapotion and Herbal Aspirin on several of my dogs with great results for pain mediation and healing. I add  Daily Defense to my dogs' supper meals every day and I give them Peak Immune 4 times per year.  Recently, my 3 year old girl "Spanx" wasn't feeling up to par and a CBC revealed a very low white blood cell count. She was lethargic, depressed and losing her coat, and after several consultations and tests, a "specialty veterinary clinic" found nothing. I decided to try a combination of Glacier Gold and Parv RX from GPH and after a week, I began to notice an improvement in her energy level and attitude. She finished a 14 day protocol on the products and then I gave her a rest for 12 days while we traveled to 2 agility competitions. With the stress of traveling, training and competing, Spanx started to lapse back into lethargy/depression, and skin and coat issues. I put her on the same 14 day protocol of Glacier Gold and ParvRX and she rallied immediately and is still doing great! I am now doing a 10 day protocol of Peak Immune on both dogs, to give them a little extra help for the long, cold winter ahead. It's wonderful to have alternative treatments that don't have side effects or cause harm to my dogs. Thank you GPH!
~Denise McKay
Amazing!!! Our Victorian Bulldog was scratching and licking constantly and his skin would turn red if he ate chicken. We eliminated chicken and grains from his diet but he was still scratching and itching. I found the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan when searching online and ordered it right away. When we received the results we found out how much he was allergic to and about a horrible yeast infection. We changed the diet according to the results and his issues cleared up quickly.
~ O'Fallon, IL on June 10th, 2016 ~
Thank you for a wonderful product and terrific service!! It is greatly appreciated-
~ Ellen ~ June 9,2016~
Thank you. Very anxious to get the test done. My friend did and it saved her cocker spaniel.
~ Norma Lerma on April 21, 2016~
Thank you for making my dog feel so much better.
~ Rhyse Monahan on April 13, 2016!
I'm truly thankful for your organization and anxious to see the results so we can help him feel better soon. ~ April 28th, 2016~
The vet bills have been adding up with no change, and the dermatologist is $200+ just for an appointment BEFORE the tests. I'm happy that South Bark told us about you.
THANKS for your amazing products!!!! Because of you and your products my old guy (12 year old giant schnauzer) can still get around and on some days still plays like a puppy.
~Lori Aiken on March 29th, 2016~
Good morning!I just wanted to tell you that there are no words to describe how thankful I am for your sensitivity test! I got my dog's results back yesterday, March 9th, and was able to understand it without the help of the Vet or the retailer I purchased the test from. I went to the pet store after work and purchased a single protein air dried food and a single protein wet food. Both of these foods had no additional ingredients. Well, the air dried food had 5% of mussels, which he is allergic to, but I was just hoping since the percentage was so small that it wouldn't affect him. I have to say, that he had no severe itching last night and was not up all night biting his skin! There are no words to describe the feeling of being able to provide him with relief without medications. I wish I had found this test a year ago because it has been agonizing watching him licking and scratching himself excessively. I was skeptical of this test, but I am so glad I did it. Thank you very much!
~ Sincerely, Carla on March 10th, 2016 ~
Hey Team!!! Can't tell you how thankful we are for your dedication and hard work. Sasha is now on her way to a much much better life thanks to all of you! Patti and I we are just amazed at the assessment results. Never, ever would we have been able to help this baby by just trial and error. God Bless all of you.
~ Rebecca Welch on February 7th, 2016~
Excerpt from an email dated: May 8, 2015 from Nikki
 I wanted to tell you also that we used inflapotion on our 16-year-old beagle up until the day she died last year. She was on pain meds because of a bad back and with your product she was able to stop the pain meds and live a very comfortable life until the day she died at home. My sister now uses the same product for her dog she adopted in December who is a 10-year-old blind dog with arthritis. The stuff is amazing!
Hi. My 12 1/2 year old French Bulldog, Molly, had started limping and was hesitant to go up steps. Her vet put her on Rimadyl and gave us a referral to an Orthopedic Doctor. I researched holistic supplements for arthritis and I found Glacier Peak Holistics. I ordered Inflapotion and Herbal Aspirin. I gave Molly the Rimadyl for the next 4 days. The order came and I stopped the Rimadyl and started the Inflapotion twice a day and the Herbal Aspirin at bedtime. Three days later we went to the Orthopedic Doctor. The X-rays showed she has hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. He recommended Shock Wave Therapy and Rimadyl. Molly started improving. She had been on the Inflapotion for about a week. I stopped the Herbal Aspirin. She kept on improving and after 2 weeks on the Inflapotion I called the Orthopedic Doctor and told him she was no longer limping and was feeling better. He said that we would not do the Shock Wave Therapy now and would do it in the future if she started limping again and did not get better. Also, I have Molly's twin brother Joey on Inflapotion. He has a liver mass that the Doctors do not recommend surgery because of his age. I believe that the Inflapotion will help his arthritis and help him if he starts to have discomfort because of the tumor. I am so grateful to have found Glacier Peak Holistics. My precious babies mean the world to me.
~ Donna Simmons
We changed our pups' diet as soon as we got the results of Kingston's Alternative Sensitivity Test back and have seen tremendous results! He's been yeast and ear infection free since receiving the results and both pups are healthier overall. The best part is that all of the money we're saving by not having to go to vet visits is being spent on even more treats and toys for our already spoiled bears! Thank you so much for your help. The AST has literally been life changing for our family and I recommend it to everyone who mentions allergy issues!
~ Nicole Snyder
I wanted to let you know how wonderful Cujo is doing on the Inflapotion and Daily Defense. 4 days after starting him on the herbs, my sweet pillow dog (124 pounds) with a broken disc in his back, actually brought me a toy to play with him!!!! He had been on Prednisone, 10 mg per day for the last 3 years with little or no relief. I was so surprised and happy he’s feeling better… our walks are longer and he doesn’t drag his back feet anymore. He can run and he almost does this prance thing when he’s walking and happy. You are such a blessing in our lives. I told his vet and he’s going to check it out for his aging golden retriever. He didn’t think Cujo would make it another year… now only God knows. Thank you and your miracle herbs.
~ Jackie and Cujo
Bubba came from a shelter as an "owner surrender". He was in poor shape as a previous 180 lb obese Rottie very lethargic depressed boy with open calluses and with hair coming out in clumps. He could barely sit or walk without pain. Look at him now. With the combination of thyroxin for his thyroid, and the Inflapotion, which I believe is a miracle herb remedy, he has a second chance for life. Ever since the use of Inflapotion, he can walk and run. He has developed a new coat with no dandruff. I personally have used this on three of my foster dogs and have had the same success.
~ Jen B. ~ California
As soon as we got the test results we dropped lamb from Butter's diet and she hasn't itched at night since. We had put her on a hypo allergenic dog food, and the vet said we should limit here to only 2-3 other treats. We had a feeling she was allergic to duck since she got red spots instantly one time after getting a duck treat, and we thought she was allergic to chicken because previously the vest said limit her to chicken and rice to see if that alleviates the itching and it didn't - we assumed it was the chicken... turns out it was the rice! Two of the three treats we had kept her on were lamb. We never would have guessed that was what was causing the problem. Thank you so much.
~ Cathy and Butter ~ CA
Thank you so much! You are providing a wonderful service! I will recommend you to anyone looking for allergy testing for their dog.
~ Amy ~ B.C. Canada
Aloha! I was so anxious to get the allergy test kit after seeing the results from a friend’s dog whose skin quickly cleared up after they eliminated the items from her diet. Britta was losing hair in spots from scratching like crazy and chewing. I ordered the allergy test kit, sent it in immediately and found out she was allergic to everything I had been feeding her! Her food, treats, all of it! We immediately changed everything and have already seen results! We've got her on the Digest and Inflapotion and she looks much better and now we know what she needs to stay healthy and happy! Mahalo nui loa! Thanks so much Deb!
~ Franki ~ CA
Sascha, our dear 7 year old foster pup, recently started on the Inflapotion powder...and OMG! She's gone from senior to puppy! I wish I had video of her running around the house, playing with toys, & just the smile across her face. She still likes to lounge in the sun that hits the dining room through the day, but after a meal, it's on! Love this stuff...and so does Sascha. She actually likes her bowl clean now too! Thank you!!!
~ Olivia ~ NV
I used this allergy test for my Rottweiler, Maxwell. He'd been on antihistamines for months with no sign of improvement for his itchiness, we'd also been cutting out the more common allergens to no avail. The allergy test results help us to really focus his diet to foods which he could have, some of which were common allergy foods like chicken! As a results he's now no longer itchy and not on antihistamines which is wonderful... and he can enjoy chicken again!
~ Debbie M. ~ CA.
I'm so glad I ordered the allergy test kit for my dog, I changed his food the same day I received the test results and he's doing so much better. We're all very happy the scratching has stopped.
~ Alexia R. ~ CA
Since we found your product,s (herbal aspirin and Inflapotion) we have been giving it to our horses on a daily basis. It seems to be helping great on our mare and gelding that were having inflammation problems on their right hind legs from separate injuries last winter. Our other gelding is receiving it as preventative to minimize arthritis stemming from surgery a number of years back. We are sold on the product and have recommended it to others.
~ Darrell T. ~ Wa
Our eleven year old german shepherd Zeus started having a very hard time getting up and down. He looked so miserable. After 2 days of inflapotion twice a day, we could see a difference, his eyes were bright and he could climb the stairs again. After a week, we could see a spring back in his step. Thank you for a fast effect formula that Zeus will accept. He is a very picky eater, but when I make a soft paste and roll it up into a slice of lunch meat, he eagerly accepts it. ~Susan H., IL.
Thanks for having this herbal supplement for our dogs...it's working great ...we have taken our dog off of Tramadol...
~ Constanze B. ~ NV
Day 3 on Inflapotion and my baby is feeling SOOOO much better. I see a HUGE improvement already. She has a partially torn ACL and she is now walking much better and further than before. I can't thank you enough and Punkin thanks you too!

~ Neda P. ~ California
I have the Inflapotion that I recently started giving to my Senior Shepherds and Malinois who are slowing down. THIS REALLY WORKS and it’s all natural. You will see a difference in your dogs stiffness within the first 2 days. I'm a user of Holistics and traditional meds. I’m really happy to have found this line.
~ Teresa S. ~ California
I may be putting too much on it but my 11 and a half year old dog, started yesterday on Inflapotion for ligament damage and arthritis...and I may be going crazy but if not...I would swear that she feels good today...for the first time in a long time. When I asked her if she was feeling good this morning...because she was up and about early, (not like her at all) she RAN outside, grabbed her tennis ball and wanted to play with me...THANK YOU so much...I'm looking forward to seeing her recover.
~ Julia and Angel ~ California
Chia was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her leg. My Veterinarian put her on several strong narcotic prescriptions for her pain, but nothing was helping her. She was suffering greatly. I put her on Inflapotion, and within 2 days she was up and eating again. In 4 days she was barely limping at all. Chia was on Inflapotion for the rest of her life. Her quality of life was greatly improved thanks to Inflapotion.
~ Debbie N. ~ Montana
Koda is a 120# Tibetan Mastiff. He developed hip dysplasia as a puppy on both sides. He had a hip replacement surgery at 1 year old. Due to the expense of that surgery, only one side was done. When he runs and plays too hard, he gets Inflapotion on a daily basis and when he really hurts, he gets Herbal Aspirin before bed. By morning he's is back to playing.
~ Deb G. Montana
We’ve been treating sick puppies with parvo for years. Our success in treatment has improved now that we are supplementing our regimen with ParvRx. The puppies get their spirit back in little time and we get to send them home to their loving family."
~ Dr. Tawny and the Green Valley Staff ~ Las Vegas Nevada
"I use the ParvRx for all my rescue pups that come in sick. They turn around within a couple days!"
~ Trish D. ~ Las Vegas and Montana
My senior, Claire, had been on painkillers and prednisone for awhile for painful back and discs. If I stopped for any length of time she was at times unable to stand. I was very afraid of eventual organ failure. In the last few months of using inflapotion I have been able to completely discontinue use of the prescription meds. Thank you!
~ Chela L. ~ CA
Bizzy has a partially torn ACL that was very painful and kept her from being very active. The Inflapotion and Herbal Aspirin has helped Bizzy be able to play and jump in and out of the truck without being lame afterward. Thank you!!
~ Danielle L. ~ Montana
We (my dog and I) are sooooo loving this stuff and recommending it to EVERYONE in Santa Monica, Venice and the West Side of Los Angeles - THANK YOU!!
~ Carrie P. ~ Venice, CA
I started using inflapotion for my old girl's arthritis and it really seems to be helping a lot with her arthritis...she's 11. Now she is running around without limping and has much more vitality. My vet prescribed rimadyl in the past for another dog and I stopped the medication after two days...that is also another nightmare drug...(so I came to find out) It took me ages to nurse him back to health after that...I wasn't even warned about the side effects.
~Julia ~ CA
"You guys saved our house! Our dog was itching 24/7 and we were all going crazy. We did your allergy test only to find out that Barclay was allergic to salmon. He'd been eating salmon with salmon oil on top. We changed his food the same day, and the next day... NO ITCHING! We are so grateful!
~ Michael W. ~ NV
Your Allergy Testing kit gave me a new dog! My vet even noticed! I’m just following the food sheet that came back with my results. My dog is SO happy, and so am I! Thanks so much!
~ Ashley ~ Canada
Sunday has chronic allergic bronchitis but has been distinctly better since you did his test and I switched his food.
~ Eva ~ Van Nuys, CA
Thank you so much for the test results. Both the canola and salmon oil were in his food. I have finally switched him over to a new food, and he looks 110% better already. It's so relieving to see him no longer in pain. Thank you.
~ Tom ~ NV
I love the Inflapotion. My dog has osteoarthritis in her hips and she is like a new dog. She runs, walks and plays just like a younger dog. Can’t thank you enough for coming up with this stuff. It’s amazing!!!!!
~ Theresa ~ Nevada
I have stopped feeding Kacey the bananas and sweet potatoes he was allergic to and have been putting the organic apple cider vinegar on his food and his ears look great!! Thank you for all your help! However, I do think that Kacey is missing his daily banana.
~ Gail ~ Montana
Since we found out that he is allergic to lamb and duck (we had been feeding him a lot of lamb) and that the tests confirmed the yeast and candida infection, we have changed his diet considerably: canned salmon and green something (spinach, green beans, broccoli, etc.)for one meal and Darwin's raw for the other and have noticed a huge difference. Very little scratching - and it's only been a short time, so we are greatly encouraged. Kind regards,
~ Deb ~ Chicago
A few friends referred me to your website, so I am really looking forward to see the results of Lola’s allergy test as she has been scratching a lot. They said that the allergy test is fantastic. They changed their dogs diet right away and they saw immediate results. :) Thanks
~ Nathalie ~ California
Thanks Debe for your help and for a wonderful product.
~ Kali
You helped me with the allergy testing for my dog Gia. I wanted to give you an update... I'm so glad that I've taken her off all meds from the vet (steroids/Benadryl/antibiotics) and went with the more holistic approach. Since getting the allergy test results I have had her on a home cooked diet of mainly Beef, veggies and fruit. She also gets her salmon oils, probiotics, enzymes, multivitamin and yogurt daily. SHE LOOKS WONDERFUL!! I'm so happy that I went with all your suggestions. She currently has no sores and has not been itching at all. I've haven’t seen her looking like this since she was a puppy! Her skin is all cleared finally!! So I believe her yeast overgrowth is getting better.
~ Alicia ~ NY
Glacier Peak Holistics has been a life saver for my English Bulldog Caboose. The allergy test seemed to have pinpointed the root of his issues and their herbal supplements and recommendations have given new life to a once nonstop itchy, licking dog. Thanks Debe and the GPH crew!
~ Maya ~ TX
I have 2 patients on Inflapotion. One with bilateral elbow dysplasia and he is on that and glucosamine and is doing great. He was probably a grade 2/4 lameness and now nothing. I have another patient on the aspirin type product (Herbal Aspirin) and has less anxiety issues. Some pets do not like the flavor but have noticed if you start small and work up to the full dose I have better success. Thanks,
~ DR Jane Middlestead DVM, 360 Medical Clinic ~ Bozeman, Montana

My dog, Taffy, kept having loose stool, was very itchy, and she also was losing her coat. So we allergy tested her with you allergy test and changed her food and now she looks beautiful again.
~ Dixie ~ NV

I just wanted to tell you that there are no words to describe how thankful I am for your sensitivity test! I got my dog's results back yesterday, March 9th, and was able to understand it without the help of the Vet or the retailer I purchased th
e test from. I went to the pet store after work and purchased a single protein air dried food and a single protein wet food. Both of these foods had no additional ingredients. Well, the air dried food had 5% of mussels, which he is allergic to, but I was just hoping since the percentage was so small that it wouldn't affect him.  I have to say, that he had no severe itching last night and was not up all night biting his skin! There are no words to describe the feeling of being able to provide him with relief without medications. I wish I had found this test a year ago because it has been agonizing watching him licking and scratching himself excessively. I was skeptical of this test, but I am so glad I did it. Thank you very much!
Carla & Deebo

I now know that Skye is sensitive to about 30 foods along with a few environmental things as well. It took a while to find a food that would work for him since he has so many things he should not have (all grains, lamb, beef, salmon, sweet potatoes...). Thanks to this test Skye is on the right track now, he has a chicken based grain free food which he LOVES. All is going well and he will be good as new soon! Thank you!!!!! Skye and I just cannot thank you enough! Very happy customer. Kisses from Skye (1 1/2 year old Weimaraner) ~Mary, NY 5 Star Rating

Amazing Assessment, They are both much happier and healthier since we did this test and changed their food. I've recommended this test to many of our friends who have dogs and need to know what is happening in their systems. Our friend tested her two Golden Retrievers and they are healthier now than ever, since they were able to take away the food triggering their upset stomachs, hair loss, rashes, etc. Thank you Glacier Peak!! ~Deborah, Newark, CA 5 Star Rating

The results have made feeding them so much easier and I would recommend this test to any pet owner. The cost for all 4 of my pets was less than the skin test would have been for Mitch alone! Many thanks to this company for offering it to loving pet owners who want nothing more than to make their babies comfortable. Pamela, Maple Heights, OH 5 Star Rating