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If your cat is currently exhibiting allergy type symptoms, it would be best to know if those symptoms are specific to a certain protein, vegetable, environmental contact or internal illness.  Our Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan is so much more than the typical allergy test.  It can give you a road map of where to start in restoring your cat's health and well-being. The scan detects triggers and stressors in over 300 common foods and environmental items, plus it can identify specific energetic imbalances within the system that may need additional herbal assistance to overcome.

Inflapotion was created to help with inflammatory issues like arthritis or general age related aches and pains. It comes in a 3 ounce powder or tincture for easier dosing.

Daily Defense with probiotics gives them daily natural nutrition with the added benefits of probiotics and diatomaceous earth for healthy intestinal systems.

For essential immune health we offer you Peak Immune in 3 oz powder or tincture for easy dosing.  Recommended 4 times per year for optimal immune health.

Sometimes it's emotional help that our feline friends need.  We offer you customized Bach Flower remedies that use hair and saliva samples to energetically discover what combination of Bach remedies your fur baby will benefit from most.

We carry essential oils from AnimalEO.  These oils were created by a veterinarian who use tinctured only essential oils in her practice.  What she found is that cats respond very well to this type of therapy as it is totally non-invasive.  She has created blends to address everything from adrenals to kidney issues.  These oils are not just for cats, though they were designed with kitty's in mind.  We think you will love them as much as we do.

As all cat caretakers know, there is little support able to be given for pain. Cats simply can't take aspirin or most NSAID pain relievers due to the harmful side effects specific to cats. That leaves next to nothing to relieve their pain.  We have felt your pain, so Deb is working to develop an alternative herbal pain reliever that is safe for cats - and works!  We are also looking at offering urinary tract support and a safe, effective natural bladder infection remedy.