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Pet safe essential oils, created by a holistic veterinarian.  These incredible oils are the absolute best that we've found, they are safe and effective, and we have received great feedback from happy pet parents.  Don't be intimidated by using essential oils for pets. An easy method for application is to simply place a few drops of the oil on your hands, rub your hands together and then give your dog or cat a gentle massage, placing your hands over their body. If treating a specific injury, oils can be placed directly on the site as well. All of our essential oil blends can be offered as a water based diffuser blend (we don't recommend using the oils that are pre-mixed with fractionated coconut oil for this use as it may harm some diffusers). 

We offer essential oils for fleas on dogs, essential oils for liver problems in dogs, essential oil spray for dog ear infections, as well as several popular essential oils for cats! One of the preferred methods to introduce essential oil to your cats is in the litterbox! Just add a few drops to your litterbox routine and voila! No more smelly cat.  You can use this as a safe and effective method to support your cats Liver, Thyroid, or Kidneys, amongst other common conditions.  These blends are all used, tested, and recommended by veterinarian, Dr. Melissa Shelton, a master at formulating healing essential oils for pets. Don't be fooled by the names that would infer that they are strictly for kitty's, these oils are our 'go to' essential oils for dogs and cats because they are safe and effective.