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Boost in a Bottle


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Similar to the AromaBoost - in ONE convenient bottle! Wonderful for travel, uncooperative animals, or for those who need a bit of a milder approach to whole body support.

Basically - Boost in a Bottle should be used for dogs and larger animals (horses, cows, goats, etc..). Boost in a Bottle is not intended for cats and smaller animals. Cats should use KittyBoost or one of the body system support boosts (AdrenoBalance, CardioBoost, LiverBoost, NeuroBoost, SugarBalance, ThyroBalance, or UroBoost) as directed. Critters and other animals should use CritterBoost or the other formulations as directed.

Boost in a Bottle contains Fractionated Coconut Oil - and is not for diffusion.

Boost in a Bottle is an RTU Formula - which means Ready To Use - and is already diluted to a strength that most animals tolerate readily.

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