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Boost in a Bottle 5mL

Boost in a Bottle 5mL

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Similar to the AromaBoost - in ONE convenient bottle! Wonderful for travel, uncooperative animals, or for those who need a bit of a milder approach to whole body support.

Basically - Boost in a Bottle should be used for dogs and larger animals (horses, cows, goats, etc..). Boost in a Bottle is not intended for cats and smaller animals. 

Boost in a Bottle contains Fractionated Coconut Oil - and is not for diffusion.

Boost in a Bottle is an RTU Formula - which means Ready To Use - and is already diluted to a strength that most animals tolerate readily.

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Phyllis S.

I like to use this RTU blend on my dogs after a long day outside and when they need an extra boost.

Thank you Phyllis for your review and feedback!

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