Izzy' Story

Izzy's Story

My 1 year old Chi mix began experiencing terrible allergies around 7 months old. We took her to the vet multiple times and kept trying so many different things from medications to changing her diet. Nothing seemed to work and we spent so much money. Our vet recommended we travel to NC state to have an allergy test done, but that would have cost us close to $1,000 (not that she isn't worth it, but we had already spent so much and just didn't have that kind of money). Finally, I heard about Glacier Peak Holistics Life Stress Scan and figured we would give it a try. The results were amazing to see. The test was so easy, reasonably priced, the results came back quickly and seem to be extremely accurate. After a phone consultation (with some awesome people), and trying their easy recommendations (a few of their natural supplements and another change in food to meet her needs), my furbaby finally looks and feels so much better! I HIGHLY recommend this scan if your dog is experiencing any allergies that you can't seem to get to the bottom of. This company/their people and products are wonderful!!!


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