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We are a team of animal lovers, dedicated to helping pets live their best life. If you were to stop by the office, you would likely croon over Ranita's little dog Adara, or get nosed by the office pup Krieger.  Yes, there is a lot of barking sometimes, but there is also a lot of laughter.

Common conversations in our Slack (messaging) channel include links to new findings regarding raw food or supplements, time off requests to take a pup to a nutritionist, and cooing over a new rescue.  You'll often find lengthy discussion about the type of probiotics or digestive enzymes most effective for specific symptoms any why, and someone bragging about what they used Mountain Salve for this week (seriously, it's good for EVERYTHING).

We love what we do. It's our thing. And these are our FAVORITE things.

Hannah & Meatball (Frenchie with itchy feet)

Jessie & Charly (Yeast & Skin Issues)

Dallas & Kyo (Raw Food Diet Supplementation)

Clover & Raina (ear infections, rashy belly)

Dallas & Kyo (intense itching)

 Steff & Otto (skin issues, post-vaccine)